Rest in Bits: Atari

Note: updated post based on original blog page.

As you might have guessed, I grew up with Atari systems from a young age.

The age of pinball was coming to an end; in the arcades they were being replaced by a new generation of electronic games. The first big one I remember being Space Invaders.

What does that have to do with Atari? Well, when my parents got us an Atari VCS (2600), that game was the pack-in. Pretty good game to have as your first.

Though it wasn’t a pixel perfect port (far from it), the game had over one hundred variations, including two player modes. It made crowding around the TV something fun to do on cold night.

It didn’t stop there for me. Over the next fifteen years, I had the chance to make use of the following systems; here are some of my thoughts.

Note: information is drawn from posts I had originally made on Bottom Rung Gaming’s old Gaming Graveyard forum.

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