Netgear Nighthawk X4S (D7800) modem router – mini review

For the last couple of years I’ve had a trusty TP Link wireless series N router that has done a pretty good job of looking after the eight or nine devices we have in our household.  I’d been reading heaps of reviews on Netgear’s combined modem / router, the Nighthawk X4S and thought it might be high time to upgrade to see if I could extend the wireless coverage to the whole house and have better QoS for all of the devices.

Thirty minutes after setting up Netgear’s flagship modem / router I can safely say I was blown away.  Never before had I run into a device that was just simply so easy to setup.  All I had to do to configure my ISP settings was select my ISP from an Australian list (it has a lot of countries built in) and type my username and password.  The Nighthawk did the rest.

With regards to the wireless coverage.  It is excellent.  Whereas my old modem struggled to send a powerful enough signal to my iPhone 6+ the Netgear Nighthawk has hardly any noticable drop in strength at all.  I setup the Nighthawk in the lounge room downstairs (in the far corner of the house) and went to the extreme opposite upstairs in a bathroom (with the door shut) and still had two full bars worth of wireless strength and only 500k shy of my max 8mb bandwidth.

What amazes me is how well the UPNP works as well.  I’ve always had a weird issue in The Crew were it wouldn’t load properly the first time and time out, but then load fine the second time.  With the Nighthawk The Crew is loading just fine, with no hiccups at all.

If you are in the market for an excellent modem / router and don’t mind paying the $500 (Australian) price tag then this is an absolute beast.

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