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Adventures in Elite: Dangerous – Run Away!

The following is my take on recent shenanigans in Elite: Dangerous – so prepare to either be amused at my lack of pilot skills or disappointed at my lack of backbone. ūüėČ

Last night Grocs and I were trying our hand at some Wings in Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One (post patch)and it’s interesting to see how we’ve both taken decidedly different paths with our ships and methods of earning a credit or two.

Recently, he’s taken to flying more combat related missions and working his way through the ranks while collecting bounties and I’ve taken the path best described as the “cowardly smuggler”; all speed and shields with some crappy weapons thrown in. As we¬†hadn’t joined in a game for a while, we’d travelled in different directions¬†and needed to meet at a common location to begin some missions, so my task was to fly from Barnard’s Star to where he was collecting bounties at NDEBECH.

This all sounded easy enough as my ship could cover the 130 light years in only a few jumps; that was until I launched from the station and promptly crashed into it again. So after a slight delay in having to dock again for repairs, I was back on track and jumping towards NDEBECH.

During¬†this time¬†Grocs mentions he’s been in a big fight involving a massive cruiser and a pile of ships which sounds damned epic¬†so I’m really looking forward to joining in. Seems most of the ships he’s fighting are¬†Sidewinders too¬†which gives me a fighting chance in my trusty Cobra MkIII.

So once arriving in the system I catch a lone Sidewinder with a bounty and quickly make some money with an easy kill. This perhaps gave me a false sense of my own awesomeness as I caught up with another group with bounties, fired a couple of shots and was promptly swarmed by the other half dozen ships I stupidly ignored. Seeing my shields down in seconds I turned tail and ran.

As I was jumping out of the system and¬†heading to a station for desperately needed repairs, I was reminded of a movie that summed it up nicely…

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