Warzone Firefight invades Halo 5 on June 29

The wait for perhaps the biggest content hit to Halo 5: Guardians since its launch is about to end with the Warzone Firefight update arriving on June 29. The Firefight game mode first appeared in Halo 3: ODST and tasked players with defending themselves against rounds of increasingly difficult enemies.

This always seemed a perfect fit with Halo 5‘s Warzone mode which mixed up the large player versus player battles with AI combatants thrown in to provided attractive score bonuses. Now it’ll just be face off between your fireteam and even more of the AI. For those wanting to avoid the frustrations of online multiplayer and losing to teams again and again, this is the perfect substitute; it gives you the same scale thanks to those impressive maps but also a fair challenge in defeating your enemies within the time limits.

It doesn’t end there with the tweaks to the Warzone format; a new boss enemy has been revealed that lets those poor Grunts have a chance to strike back at those marauding Spartans. Called the Grunt Goblin, this is the kind of thing you’d expect to see if Tony Stark were himself a grunt. Packed with a lot of heavy weaponry this will require players to team up effectively to take it down.

New gear, new maps and a huge co-op game mode... a good month for Halo players.

New gear, new maps and a huge co-op game mode… a good month for Halo players.

Spartans are not missing out though with a new light VTOL attack craft called a Wasp, giving players an additional vehicle option in combat. With the large maps in use, having another aircraft option can help teams get into the fight faster and complete their objectives. The Halo 2 Beam Rifle also makes its return, bringing another classic weapon option to the game.

Two new Warzone maps will be included called Attack on Sanctum and Prospect. Arena players aren’t left out either with Molten and for Forgers (of the Halo variety) there’s a new blank canvas called Tidal that caters for those designers who’ve wanted water to have a larger part in their designs. After seeing some awesome map designs already I can’t wait to see what else is possible.

The campaign gets some love and attention too in the form of Score Attack. Want to see who’s really the best Spartan during a mission? Points and medals are awarded for those who succeed most in channelling their inner Master Chief and it works in both solo and co-op too. For those players who left the campaign behind long ago this might just give them reason to give it another shot… preferably a headshot for those extra points…

Once again, the update is free for everyone. Full details of it can be found here at Xbox Wire.

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