D&D Campaigns Revisited #4 – GAZ4: Kingdom of Ierendi

This is the fourth in the series of articles about the old Gazetteer series of campaign settings released to the Dungeons and Dragon setting. Here is how I have converted it over to my 5th Edition campaign. It ran from the 30th of November 2016 to the 5th of April 2017, covering eight sessions and building the core of the current gaming group.

Gazetteer 4 – The Kingdom of Ierendi

The setting is a tourist resort, or at least has the appearance of one. The leaders of the country are the best male and female fighters in a tournament held every four years and hold the title of King and Queen, but do not have to have anything to do with each other as part of their duties.

The area is a former penal colony so has much humour added to it, where some of it has been turned into tourism.

They are also a major navy of the region and I have worked in a pirate connection that made the story more interesting and fit with the background and themes of the characters involved.

I also got to introduce the power of the sky gnomes and their mechanical flying cities and vehicles, adding a major base into the main island. This works well with the human’s working with steam engines and having ironclad destroyers protecting their sovereignty from the larger fleets of other countries.

An abandoned ruin was reformed into a pirate stronghold, supplemented with magic capable of holding of a flight of juvenile dragons. This was showing the cooperation between the pirates, the dragons, the goblins and the gnomes in learning and training their people. A literal trial by fire.

Each major ship of the line contained their own teleportation circle, known only to those in the network working out of the ruins, military academy and hidden ironworks which contains the key circles in the group.

The setup

Six players, each having backgrounds that fitted into the setting or changing the setting slightly to allow for the backgrounds to work.

Ierendi in the Known World


  • These have been allowed in this storyline with the understanding that they were science experiments and not natural. Though they were also twins which was interesting in itself. The addition of wings for navel combat did take most of the risk of sinking away so would not be allowed on a water storyline again.


  • Again two other players not listening to the setting information, builds a half-elf race and gets told they are a magical oddities. No wonder this crew was captured and forced into service…


  • Lightfoots – these were descendants of halflings who colonised the islands before humans took over and used it as a penal colony.

Divine Casters

  • Learns twice the number of spells as a wizard at first level and every other level. Can gain spells from scrolls and prayer books. Required to carry a prayer book (spellbook) representing their adaptation for their religion.

Starting Location

I had the group start in the hold of a ship having been drafted into the countries navy for service to the crown. The last thing they remember is drinking in a tavern on the shortfront of Ierendi, the capital city of Ierendi Island, in the Kingdom of Ierendi. While they could fight their way free, kill the crew and take over, they were treated fairly and given freedom to choose how to implement their orders, so they chose to serve and learn under the military and gain status and a chance to run for king or queen in their future as the role is open to anyone who has served in the navy.

The Kingdom of Ierendi

Notable changes to the setting:

  • Dragonborn – Red dragons found in the rim of the four southern volcano’s, having their major school for the region
  • Gnomes – Sky gnomes working out of the northern volcano, they get regular visits from skyships and are one of the major ports for the region.
  • Goblins – A goblin city at the base of the vocano the sky gnomes use, but seem to have no connections between, working with the village as an authentic dungeon crawl experience for tourists on the island. They also mine oil for use by the Gnomes in their vehicles.
  • Pirates – work with the Ierendi navy as long as they do not bother their vessels or impact trade and tourism. Can be called to fight with the navy.

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