D&D Campaigns Revisited #13 – GAZ12: The Golden Khan of Ethengar

Gazetteer 12 – The Golden Khan of Ethengar

This is the twelfth of the Gazetteers written in the Known World setting of Mystara. This region is based around the horselords of the steppes and had intended to have the following storylines.

Update: After skipping this with my main group, I have started a campaign on another night and we are traversing the areas in the steppes and around it.

I have incorporated elements from Princes of the Apocalypse, Curse of Strahd and Tales from the Yawning Portal into the storyline and my players are using the downtime rules for advancement. So far they are most of a way through the first game year.

Clan migrations

Each of the clans have a migratory pattern and we would define which of the clans are Earth Genasi, Human and Goblinoid.

Black Mountain

The Black Mountain and connections to the spirit worlds, with how the world is perceived from horseback and the history of the black mountain and its impact on the stroyline.

Heldannic Knights

Just what is the Heldann Freeholds and why do they have a major role in the ongoing campaign, with the no quarter given or taken fighting for pure survival that occurs between the clan and the knights.

Glantrian bounties

The reasons why the Ethengarians hate the Glantrian wizards, and why they have a bounty on every wizards head. This leads back to the Lands of Black Sands and the Black Mountain story.

Ethengar in the Known World

Notable changes to the setting:

  • Black Mountain – A place of death for the dead, where worlds collide and portals are made
  • Glantri bounties – A head worth more to others, why announcing your origin can be very bad indeed.
  • Genasi of the Steppes – The people of the earth, and why they have settled into this area.
The Ethengar Khanates

The Dark Elf Posts:


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