D&D Campaigns Revisited #14 – GAZ13: Shadow Elves

This campaign was never played by my group as they wanted to get stuck into the storyline.

Gazetteer 13 – The Shadow Elves

This is the thirteenth of the Gazetteers detailing the hated elves of the setting, the Shadow Elves. They are the equivalent of the Drow for the D&D Forgotten Realms setting, but with notable exceptions to their design.

Firstly they are not evil, they may not be good, but they are not evil as standard. They are pale skinned, white haired elves and some with birthmarks seen as the touch of their god for destined greatness.

They have the same antagonistic hatred of the surface elves, being the boogeymen of folk lore… play nice little elvesies or the Shadow Elves will come and take you away.

They have all the drow abilities, but not the affinity with spiders in particular. Being an arachnophobic this was a good distinction. They also have a technology edge most other cultures have not reached, thanks to a god who understands science and its value.

They live in the Shadowlands, under the countries of the known world (no underdark here) and exist in a kill or be killed relationship with other shadowland races.

Shadow Elves of the Known World – No Known Presence

Notable changes to the setting:

  • They are Drow, but not evil, bound to demons, or using spider motifs. They also have albinoism instead of being dark skinned.
  • They have access to technology unknown to most of the world.
  • This setting is good to keep the rest of it secret from my players so less is more in context of this blog.
Shadow Elves live in the Shadowlands

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