D&D Campaigns Revisited #16 – GAZ: Empires Thyatis and Alphatia

This is the one setting that would have really set up my players for knowing what was to come, and why it was left till last to detail.

Gazetteer Boxed Set – Dawn of the Emperors

The intention behind this campaign was to illustrate the roman feel of the Thyatians and how they have spread their culture and people throughout the known world via conquest and “civilization”. Might and money can get someone far in this culture.

Then showing just how bad the empire of Alphatia can be in comparison when magic becomes the only currency of worth, and no matter how strong or wealthy you might be, if your not a spellcaster of some sort your nothing more than a slave in the society.

A cold war exists between these two nations fighting over the isle of dawn with many close calls and a few skirmishes that will be apologised for in diplomatic negotiations.

The sheer landmass owned by the Alphatian Empire dwarfs the known world, with more holdings to the east and south. The Thyatian Empire also owns more lands to the south but everything outside this region is too far for most people to travel. In comparison I had a group travel from Darokin to an Island to the south of the Isle of Dawn and that took six months via a sailing ship (in D&D 5E speeds) so unless you have fast moving transportation or instant transportation, aggression on this scale would be quite slow.

KnownWorld-BW-Thyatis and Alphatia
The Empires of Thyatis and Alphatia, split by the Isle of Dawn

Notable changes to the setting:

  • There are two common tongues
    • Thyatian in the common language of the Known World, especially where trade and colonisation from Thyatis has occured.
    • Alphatian is the common language of the Empire of Alphatia and all her colonies so anyone dealing with them is likely to use that as well.
  • Each of the empires have their own changes to the setting.

 Thyatian – The First Common

  • People are mainly human, with a roman feel, there are many races of human available
  • The elves are Eladrin and very mysterious
  • The air forces of Thyatis ride creatures
  • The gladiatorial pits of Thyatis is one of the only places in the world to learn how to become a grandmaster with weaponry.
  • Art and beauty are prized in the city of Thyatis as much as strength of arms and body.

Alphatia – The Second Common

  • People are mainly genasi, with a majority of the nobility being air genasi
  • The elves are Eladrin and very mysterious
  • The Dwarves of Alphatia are not mountain or hill dwarves, but something else with no issues with magic
  • The air forces of Alphatia ride in sailing ships designed to swim through the air as well as float on the sea.
  • The Alphatians teach unique magic related to the elements and their genasi heritage, but shun fire magic due to racial history

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