Star Wars Campaigns Revisited #4 – The Beta Rules Adventures

The following ran over four sessions in total.

The following is covering all the adventures in the beta game and includes the list of adversaries, locations, equipment and vehicles. While each could be covered in a more detailed post, to avoid too many spoilers I have kept some of it at a high level.

These adventures could be run over multiple sessions as each episode in the book has enough detail to be expanded and made special, though at the time I was looking to use the adventures as a launch pad for an ongoing story. Next time I run these adventures that is how I plan to do so and see if I can get one or more session from each episode in the adventure.

Character creation

Ran on the 14th of October 2016.

Star Wars dice.

I had a bunch of players create their characters for this campaign. The premise of the campaign is as follows.

  • Each rules set will have two main characters
  • Each adventure will focus on a rules set
  • When a rules set is focused on the characters of that set become the main characters of that storyline with the other characters being support characters
  • Main characters can override support characters on what needs to be done for the storyline
  • Every adventure swaps between rule sets of Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, then Force and Destiny with it restarting with Edge next.
  • Character can only use the Core Rules from their ruleset for their character creation, experience and equipment. No splat books to be used by an characters
  • This would be the ongoing storyline for the characters to pay attention to.

More than once I had to talk to players about characters using abilities, equipment and rules from expansion books not in play. Also to allow the main characters of the adventure to have a chance to lead. These also served as a record for my players of who they met and what they did.

I also had one player create a character here then bring in a completely different one the following week breaking the base principle of the idea of 2 characters per rule set as he decided to be a “Force User” between this creation session and the start of the campaign. So I adapted and changed one of the other characters that I had prepared for just in case I had missing players. I became the preparer of characters for more than half the party who did not want to spend time building, updating and maintaining their characters. So those players got a 5 minute XP expenditure – picking what looked cool with a focus on talents and skills.

Edge of the Empire – Beta Adventure “Crates of Krayts”

From the 21st of October 2016.

Edge of the Empire beta.

Of Note: This uses Henchmen instead of Rivals in the adventure, I like the name change to rival as it seems less sinister a title.

The characters have to take a young krayt dragon to a Hutt from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa and as expected, nothing seems to be straight forward. Highlights of the adventure was (attempted) podracing with a cargo skiff vs Tusken Raider snipers, lullabies being sung to a baby dragon, fear of force use, poor landing choices and Hutts always getting the best of the deal.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (2 pages)
  • Vapor Station (2 pages) – Ambush
  • Nar Shaddaa (4 pages) – Exploration and investigations
  • Techtank (4.5 pages) – Bounty Hunters
  • Epilogue (0.5 pages) – Did not follow the XP options

Set on Tatooine, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Sinasu the Hutt (background only)
  • Tuskan Raider Sniper (minion)
  • Tuskan Raider Reaver (minion)
  • Jora
  • Vapor Station Inhabitant (minion)

Set on Nar Shaddaa, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Impact
  • Lanni, Mon Calamari
  • TT-3PO
  • Cordol’s Chain Apprentices (minion)
  • Cordol’s Chain Journeyman
  • Master Hunter, Tor Cordol (nemesis)
  • Techtank Techs (minion)
  • Tennon
  • Pon
  • Sinasu the Hutt (nemesis)
  • Pilots (minion)
  • Young Krayt Dragon

Equipment introduced in the adventure:

  • Light Concussion Missile Launcher

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • Incom T-16M Skyhopper
  • Cloakshape Starfighter

Age of Rebellion – Beta Adventure “Operation: Shell Game”

Run on the 2nd of December 2016.

Age of Rebellion beta.

The characters have to infiltrate an Imperial base and steal a prototype for the Rebellion.

The highlights of the adventure were:

  • keeping it in the intelligence family
  • how to put both feet in one’s mouth while talking to an Imperial official
  • Imperial racism working for the party
  • flirting with the guards does work
  • opening the hanger door is a good start to stealing a vehicle though powering up the vehicle before setting off the alarms might also have been advisable…

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (1.5 pages)
  • Welcome to Titan Base (4 pages)
  • Lay the Hammer Down (6.5 pages)
  • The Battle for Corva Sector (2.5 pages)
  • Epilogue (0.5 page) – Unlike the previous adventure, no XP discussion for achievements in the storyline

Set in the Corva Sector, near the Outer Rim Territories

Set on Titan Base, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • R2-M5

Set on “The Hammer”, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Imperial Technician (minion)
  • TIE Pilot (minion)
  • Imperial Security Detail (minion)
  • Imperial Navy Trooper (minion)
  • Imperial Navy Engineer (minion)
  • TIE Fighter Pilot (minion)
  • Alliance Starfighter Pilot (minion)

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • “The Emperor’s Vision” Survey Vessel (background only)
  • “The Hammer” Imperial Space Station (background only)
  • Shell-Cracker Prototype
  • TIE/LN Starfighter
  • T-65B “X-Wing” Multi-role Starfighter

Force and Destiny – Beta Adventure “Lost Knowledge”

Ran on the 13th of January 2017.

Force and Destiny beta.

Rumours of a hidden Force temple surfaces and the characters must rush to beat the empire to its riches. The highlights of the adventure were blatant stealing of gear from the resort, talking with the crazy old man and agreeing with him and an ability to defeat a foe without attacking it.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (2 pages)
  • Arrival at the Resort (4.5 pages)
  • The Hunting Expedition (1.5 pages)
  • The Ancient Ruins (6 pages) – interesting mechanic for dealing with a force ghost

Set on Athiss you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Hotel Security (minion)
  • Deranged Expedition Guide
  • Expedition Hunter (minion)
  • Twisted Beast
  • Twisted Beast Alpha

Equipment introduced in the adventure:

  • Athiss Cave Crystal (Lightsaber crystal)

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • Passenger Landspeeder

The Dark Elf Posts:


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