Star Wars Campaigns Revisited #7 – Beyond the Rim

The first published adventures (Part 1 of 3)

Ran from sessions 13 to 30 (18 in total).

This was close to a year of gameplay. Each of the adventures here are decent in size and could quite easily be extended. Like some of the other posts don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers as this lists what you will find inside and what my players did as an overview of the story.

Edge of the Empire – Adventure “Beyond the Rim”

From the 16th of July 2017 to the 1st of December 2017 over 5 sessions.

This adventure is about the salvage of a ship in the Outer Rim that was lost near the end of the Clone Wars, with lost tech, credits and untold danger.

So the party manages to enter into this with killing off a future encounter with aggressive negotiations. They gain the intelligence they need to locate the missing ship and take off.

Arriving in a bad position they choose to use the force to fly into as many asteroids as possible without totally destroying their ship. Then upon landing they stumble into every monster possible, sometimes even twice and manage to need saving by the survivors who they were there to “rescue” if alive.

Once they recovered they then had to stop an imperial incursion with complaints about why their personal scale weapons would not let them take the imperial ship (GM was being nice by not using said ship to shoot the players).

I ended up moving the final encounter back to the Wheel instead of at Raxus Prime as they skipped most of the final section of the story, as players wanted to move onto the next storyline…

This did include an Imperial awards ceremony as a case of mistaken identity.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (8 pages)
  • The Tales of the Sa Nalaor (24 pages)
  • Welcome to the Jungle (38 pages)
  • Toxic Motherlode (23 pages)

Set on The Wheel, Besh Gorgon System in the Mid Rim, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Reom, Twi’lek IsoTech (nemesis)
  • Shira, Twi’lek IsoTech (background only)
  • Ceoloe, Human bartender (background only)
  • Waroon Dak, Corellian infochant (background only)
  • Sonou, Twi’lek shopkeeper (background only)
  • Jilaa San, Sullustan mechanic (background only)
  • Nols, Human shopkeeper (background only)
  • CZ-332 (background only)
  • Jokol, Duros bookie (background only)
  • Hal Lars, human shopkeeper (background only)
  • Brun Bax, Alderaanian (background only)
  • ISB Agent
  • ISB Supervisor Cal Alsen
  • WED Treadwell Repair Droid
  • Yav Yiyar, Rodian clanmember
  • “Too Low” Talo, Sullustan clanmember
  • Yiyar Clan Members (minion)
  • Otol Nal, rodian clanmember (background only)
  • Apoto, rodian clanmember (background only)
  • Lasan, rodian clanmember (background only)
  • Eshon, rodian clanmember (background only)
  • IT-3PO “EYETEE-THREE” Protocol Droid
  • Wheel Security (minion)
  • Wheel Security Pilots
  • Captain Shorwarr, Wookiee pilot

Set on Cholganna, Chol system, Outer Rim, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Green Bug Swarm
  • Arboreal Octopus
  • Bark Rat (minion)
  • Nexu
  • Cybernetically-Enhanced Nexu
  • Reevos
  • Captain Rel Harsol, Human (nemesis)
  • Cratala, Arkanian cybergenius (nemesis)
  • Survivors (minions)
  • B1 Series Battle Droid – Modified (minion)
  • Deep Dark Scout Trooper (minion)
  • Arak-Series Probe Droid

Set on Raxus Prime, Tion Hagemony, Outer Rim, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Imperial Navy Pilot
  • Norta
  • Trandoshan Mercenary
  • Yiyar Salvage Tech (minion)

Equipment introduced in the adventure:

  • Energised Claws
  • Leg or Arm Enhancement
  • Reinforced Teeth
  • Tail Spikes
  • Vision Cycling

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • Nightflyer, YT-2400 Frieghter (modified)
  • V5 Medium Cargo Floater
  • Wheel Security Starfighters, z-95-AF4 Headhunter
  • Scout Trooper Speeder Bike – 74-Z
  • The Deep Dark – Skywatcher-class Scout Ship
  • TIE/LN Starfighter
  • Jawa Salvage Skiff, Cargo Floater 3z
  • Blockade Bandit, CR90
  • Imperial System Patrol Craft
  • ISO-One, BFF-1 Bulk Freighter

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