Star Wars Campaigns Revisited #9 – Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

The first published adventures (Part 3 of 3)

The first adventures covered here were from Sessions 13 to 30 (18 in total) and was close to a year of gameplay.

Each of the adventures here are decent in size and could quite easily be extended. Be warned: don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers as this post lists what you will find inside and how my players handled it as an overview of the story.

Force and Destiny – Adventure “Chronicles of the Gatekeeper”

6 sessions from the 6th of April 2018 to the 15th of June 2018.

This adventure centres on a lost Jedi Holocron that has room to hold three Kyber Crystals enabling it to be upgraded and expand the knowledge available within it.

It starts with the players arriving at a freighter in the middle of a pirate attack. A firefight ensures as the pirates retreat onto their ship and escape. The Force using Jedi wannabe characters made a choice to avoid the Games Master’s (GM) hints and go looting. This forced me to find another player in the group to give the necessary hints to progress the storyline. This then made the character become force sensitive
as he heard the Holocron calling him and then became awakened to the force. This was much to their annoyance at first as they saw it as a penalty due to it introducing a level or morality they had been able to ignore up to then. It also led to a conflict as another player who ignored the initial hints pulled out of the game a few sessions later as they wanted the Holocron and felt disrespected that they missed out even after it was pointed out to them the reasons why.

The Holocron tells the prospective Jedi that they must track down the first missing piece (a Kyber Crystal) while teaching him some of its secrets and the history of the Jedi who created it. Through it he learns a new Force power that allows him to predict what a target will do based on a question in his head at the time – if you’ve seen the film Minority Report then you’ll know where this could be going. The party heads off to find the first crystal on a remote world with an avian based culture that has been dominated by a dark twisted and bitter Force user. They proceed to throw a culture into chaos, wipe out a Imperial survey patrol and loosen the dark twisted and bitter force user onto the galaxy. They successfully integrate the first crystal into the Holocron and gained more knowledge on how this predictive power works while also managing to destroy one of the party members precious vibroswords. They also gained another baby creature specimen for their menagerie.

Chasing the second crystal to a world in the Colonies region they enter a Clone Wars battleground that has not recovered; a suspended city above a rocky land. Here they find clues to what the Jedi who made the Holocron was doing but needed to find people to verify or expand upon their discoveries. This included a prison break (while pretending to be from Imperial Intelligence) and upsetting the local governor who started a file on them and their ship after they scared off his bounty hunters (pirates) at the start of the story. They also chased down the aide to the Jedi and met with a Clone Commander who is still serving as a Stormtrooper officer. This leads them to the final battle of the Jedi and activating some Clone Wars droids which they got past them by throwing them off a tower. In the end they gained the second crystal and also a lightsaber. From here they find that they have to go to a world that is no more and does not exist in any databanks – the Sith burial world of Korriban.

While the Holocron does not know the coordinates to the Sith burial world it does know of a lost and forgotten Jedi temple located on a water world. This place has no Imperial presence but the undewater temple appears to be at the point of collapse so they have little time to loot and gain the lost information. Luckily they steal a old Jedi starfighter that had the necessary coordinates stored in its computer system – the cost though is that the Jedi temple is destroyed in the process by a rather large underwater creature. Using the coordinates they arrive at Korriban and discover the creator of the Holocron had crashed landed here and been stranded for at least 20 years. Unfortunately he has fallen to the dark side and they are forced to meet him in battle. They fight for their lives against the fallen Jedi and have their bodies and their minds assaulted to the point were even one of the non-sensitive members of the group gained the ability to feel the Force. Having a lightsaber plunged through their chest and a discussion with some Sith Spirits might have something to do with that too. Each of the battling characters gets an offer for power, knowledge or assistance in the final battle.

Eventually they manage to defeat the fallen Jedi without accepting any aid and the final Kyber Crystal was obtained as was a ligthsaber, though the wielder does not remember taking it or carrying it. Which is a story element for the next Force and Destiny adventure.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (8 pages)
  • The Gatekeeper’s Legacy (28 pages)
  • Chasing Ghosts (32 pages)
  • Chronicles’ End (23 pages)

Set on Arbooine in the Arboo System on the Outer Rim, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Bearsloth
  • Tarvix
  • Quolas Guard (minion)
  • Quolas Guard Captain
  • Pathran Helshar
  • Quolas Citozen (minion)
  • Quolas Elder
  • Kon Helshar (background only)
  • Odir Tumris (background only)
  • Jyl Korlis (background only)
  • Lt Salial Devrays (refers to core rules)
  • Stormtrooper Sergeant (refers to core rules)
  • Gel Marcolf (nemesis)

Set on Cato Neimoidia in The Colonies, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Duke Erron Irbian (nemesis)
  • Dalan Oberos (nemesis)
  • Neimoidian Citizen (minion)
  • Kreehawk Ganger (minion)
  • Lor Keln, Kreehawk leader
  • Tor Haido
  • Zel N’Got
  • Stormtrooper Captain TH-313
  • Onrein Hasar (nemesis)
  • BX Commando Droid (minion)
  • Droideka, Destroyer Droid

Set on Delriss in the Expansion Region you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Aquatic Predator (background only)

Set on Moraband in the Outer Rim, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Phantasmal Beast of Moraband
  • Moraband Sith Phantasm
  • Suljo Warde (nemesis)

Races introduced in the adventure:

  • Sathari – birdlike humanoids

Equipment introduced in the adventure:

  • Holocron, Jedi Master Suljo Warde
  • Diiro (melee weapon)
  • The Kyber Crystal of Arbooine
  • The Kyber Crystal of Cato Neimoidia
  • The Kyber Crystal of Moraband
  • Jedi technical manuals and instructional material
  • Warde’s Lightsaber

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • Silver Star, G9 Rigger-class freighter (background only)
  • Pathfinder-class scout ship (background only)
  • Mobquet Flare-V Swoop Bike
  • Delta-7

Force powers introduced in the adventure:

  • Warde’s Foresight

The Dark Elf Posts:


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