Star Wars Campaigns Revisited #11 – Friends Like These

The second published adventures (Part 2 of 3)

This second set of adventures were played over sessions 31 to 44 (12 sessions total) closing out the Star Wars storyline with a cliff hanger.

As before this covers what I ran as a GM (Games Master) and how my players ran through the storyline. It will contain spoilers and a few twists not in the books but overall I really liked this adventures.

Age of Rebellion – Adventure “Friends Like These”


6 sessions run from the 24th of August 2018 to the 16th of November 2018.

The basic concept of this adventure is that the player characters are given a mission by their leaders in the Rebellion to help out a independent shipyard facing trouble from the Empire. If they can help them out they might gain a new ally in the war against the Empire and a place where they can upgrade their ships or even commission new ones to be built.

A message from the High Command is sent to the characters and gives them a timeline to reach and save a system from an Imperial threat. They are acting as an advanced force whose job is to hold out long enough for the Rebellion to put a fleet together and arrive to take on the Empire. This was not a space combat mission but more of a strategic role meant to hide the rebel involvement mission so they were assigned a basic shuttle and no star fighter escort. Travelling to the planet they start trying to take over the defences of the system from the authorities and manage to get almost all of them offside and distrustful of the group – the shipyard leaders did not take kindly to being told what to do by strangers.

They received a tour of the place and a basic rundown of what facilities they have on offer and the party kept pushing their strategic plan to stop the Empire’s advance. This could cause one of two issues: the Empire decides that capturing the base has become too difficult and nukes it from orbit or it has become a rebel hotbed and reinforcements need to be brought it. As the intelligence provided indicated there is also a rogue Imperial Captain pursuing a personal mission, making it all appear achievable was always the primary goal. All the Imperial intelligence needed to be destroyed or the mission was a failure. So you could win the battle but lose the war based on the chosen tactics. Now that they had a plan in place and listened to some of the people who had to implement those plans they were tasked with getting troops from the Mandalorians and the Zygerrians in nearby systems. Both of these groups use the facilities so should be able to be convinced to provide help.

Travelling to the Mandalorian colony they meet with the leader and get an agreement to supply a small commando group to the battle. After a few discussions where the Mandalorians would not commit star fighter resources or do suicide missions they had agreed to protect the base and slow down the Imperial advancement. Next they arrive at the Zygerrian colony world where they had the potential of gaining accessed to a system defence fleet. There was a complication though in that they were slavers and while the group was willing to work with Hutt’s they were not willing to work with slavers even to complete their mission. There was opportunity to convert some of the disenfranchised slavers to the Rebellion’s cause but the only path that was desired was to kill all the slavers they could find and flee the planet with as many slaves as they could get their hands on. With the help of a Mandalorian squad they escaped with about three squads of foot soldiers to supplement the commando squad they already had. They do this by inciting a slave rebellion and killing off the ruling members of the slaver clans on the planet.

Returning to the shipbuilders they find they have half a squadron of fighters, some droid starfighters and some EMP bombs placed in the asteroid field. Using these as a distraction to draw off the Imperial fighters they launch a recovery mission to collect a rebel agent from the star destroyer leading the attack and manage to get her out and avoid the star fighter net trying to capture them. The mines take out Imperial probe droids searching the asteroid fields and they also manage to take out one of the escort vessels protecting the Star Destroyer. This was very close to the group wining the battle as the captain was given a roll to see if they were willing to continue or had they already lost too much and needed to call it in. It was close but the captain decided to push for the surface and if he could not reach it then he would be forced to call in for help. Note: This would have ended the story as written as it would have wandered too far off script to continue and we would have closed the storyline with the narrative of the characters helping to evacuate the shipyards having lost any chance of these people helping the Rebellion.

There was a section of the battleground for fighting in orbit but due to the pacing of the play and moving the extraction of the spy to the space battle they had a narrative of falling back to the base and not causing further damage to the Imperial war machine until they had landed and committed more forces to the battle. Bringing everything to the planet they were again too effective at damaging the Imperial troops concentrating on their vehicles and command units. They protected their turrets as long as possible before retreating into the lower depths of the base. Using force shields to slow the advance, knowing that stopping the troops would fail the war, the Mandalorians had rigged the shields to be a delaying tactic but enough so that time would be wasted bypassing them.

Once the base had been breached the corridors were sealed with each Imperial advance all the way to the command room were the last of the resistance was holding out. Having pushed the ground forces long enough, even though they were captured and the Imperial captain had come to question them personally, the rebel fleet arrived and turned the tables on the Imperials who were out of position to defend themselves. The player characters were then able to capture the Star Destroyer captain and protect the secrecy of the shipbuilding facilities while winning over some supporters to the Rebellion. So even though it was close a few times their planning had paid off enough to win the day without losing the war.

If I was to run a similar scenario again I would allow them to repulse the Imperial fleet instead if their tactics were too effective, leading to complications for not following the mission correctly.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (8 pages)
  • Trouble on Xorrn (20 pages)
  • Courting Mandalorians (18 pages)
  • The Zygerrian Paradox (24 pages)
  • The Battle of Xorrn (23 pages)

Mass Combat Rules – these came into play only briefly and on the edge of the game play as my players wanted to be in the think of the combat, not the edge of it, so I made a call not to really use them, but they are great reference material. The only place I really used them was the assault on the slavers, and then it was only partially used.

Reading through it, I think they would do well if the party was prepared and expecting it, but this is far down the list of adventures I was running for my group but will keep in mind for the next star wars campaign.

Set on Xorrn, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Cacique Kal Coorsa
  • Patrician Lira Hardin
  • Patrician Vilola Sargan
  • Security Chief Bellows (description only)
  • Captain Skahvi Renlow (description only)
  • Patrician Rees Vinder (description only)
  • Patrician Jessa Korrin (description only)
  • Captain Ralchio Nervi (nemesis)
  • Agent Nath Alico (nemesis)
  • Imeprial Navy Trooper (minion)
  • Lt Colonel Hovlinn
  • Imperial Stormtrooper (minion)
  • Imperial Army Officer

Set on Vlemoth Port, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Kad Solus
  • Ak-Mal, Weequay Hunter
  • Weequay Sniper
  • Klatooinian Bruiser (minion)
  • Talz Chieftain
  • Talz Hunter
  • Talz Warrior (minion)
  • Mandalorian Warrior
  • Chieftain Vera Beroya (Nemesis)

Set on Kowak, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Zygerrian Slaver (minion)
  • Zygerrian Royal Guard
  • Nam Beroya (Nemesis)
  • Jorec and Mard Gemen
  • Captain Rajim Armin
  • Prince Sono Molec
  • Kowakian Monkey-Lizard (minion)
  • Trandoshan Slaver
  • Baron Dorn Sevelle
  • Karazak Acquisition Specialist
  • Karazak Acquisition Agent (minion)
  • Thalassian Slaver
  • Gasch N’Doss

Species introduced in the adventure:

  • Mandalorian Humans

Equipment introduced in the adventure:

  • Explosive Implant
  • Elecronet Launcher
  • Repulsor Trap
  • Shock Whip
  • Stun Collar

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • The Icarii-7 (Modified BT-900 Bulk Freighter)
  • Dikutruni (Modified Aka’jar Shuttle)
  • Gladiator-Class Star Destoryer
  • Raider II Class Corvette
  • Tie Fighter
  • Imperial HAVr A9 Floating Fortress
  • AT-ST Walker
  • 74-Z Speeder Bike
  • HH-87 Starhopper
  • Aurore Class Freighter

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