Star Wars – Creating an RPG Campaign around Characters

The last Star Wars campaign was adventure focused – running set pieces that had been published and taking the characters through those stories as the campaign with no downtime or side quests for personal growth. This design was to give me an understanding of the rules and test out some house rules I wanted to implement in the three rulesets in a coherent way. My next post will go into those house rules.

For the new Star Wars campaign I am going to start it a little differently. Players will select a species and can advance one aspect of their character a session. This will let their characters will go through some background growth and likely spend at least a year working with the other players fleshing out their character stories and how they fit into the universe.
All advancement will be done via negotiation and not all of it will be available as this is a story advancement and their character will need a story reason for being able to advance it.

All advancement will be done via negotiation and not all of it will be available as this is a story advancement and their character will need a story reason for being able to advance it. For example if a character who wants to use the Force and be a Jedi should spend time roleplaying at being Force sensitive. Characters will gain experience based on if they were active that game month or not. 5 XP for being active and 1 for not being active.

Planned Time Period

Each season is meant to be ten game years and players have a choice to be a new character or continue with the old. New characters don’t have the baggage of an existing character and your actions will come to haunt you in the following seasons, even if your character retires. Character choice will determine future storylines. You can change the canon story if you choose to do so but the story will not turn out the same if you do.

Season 1 – Force and Destiny

Characters will start at the timeframe of the Phantom Menace (Episode 1) and have a chance to experience the Republic at its height. This season has 10 game years planned where characters can be anything even members of the Jedi order. It is a time where Jedi are the keepers of the peace and they will have the option to take them into a second season of the game leading to the start of the Clone Wars.

Season 2 – Rise of the Separatists

Season Two

Characters in the second season of the game are witness to the rise of the separatist movement that builds the droid army with hints of the Sith and the corruption of the senate and government. You can stand as part of the republic, or move to be part of the separatists, or be neutral. This season ends with the start of the Clone Wars.

Season 3 – Collapse of the Republic

Season Three

Characters in the third season of the game are part of the Clone Wars and will experience the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. They get to witness the aftermath of Order 66 and any remaining force users in the party may be possible to track based on their actions. This season will also be a 10 year storyline and end with the Empire in full swing.

Season 4 – Dawn of Rebellion

Season Four

Season 4 will bring about the rise of the Rebellion. Inquisitors are now hunting down Force users but there is a spark of hope and characters can experience the rise of that hope as it forms a rebellion and starts to organise itself to be more than isolated pockets of resistance working against the Empire.

Season 5 – Age of Rebellion

With the Death Star plans being stolen the characters are into the sixth season of the game and the Rebellion is at its height. What happens here and afterwards is in the hands of the players. But it is also intended to be another ten game years for the characters.

Season 6 – Edge of the Empire

The Empire has disappeared, and the Rebellion has formed the New Republic.

Season 7 – The Force Slumbers

This season ends with the rise of the First Order after dealing with the fall of the last Jedi and his disciples.

Season 8 – The Force Awakens

The First Order, Starkiller Base and the fall of the New Republic. This has a lot of options for the players. What happens after this is up to the players. It is unclear how far the players will make it but it will be based on how much fun we are still having and if there is more to tell.

As this is this the I’ll campaign plan it will be interesting to see how it ends up over the course of the game and how long it takes them to get through a season too.

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