I’d like to thank my family, my coach and all the fans…

Nice surprise today when I found that the blog has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the trio of gaming goodness at 1001-up.com and Kevin at The Mental Attic. Being noticed by two blogs I really like is a reward in itself and I want to thank them for thinking of me. Check them out… you will not be disappointed.

As part of the VBA Rules, there are a couple more things to do; namely talk a little more about myself and to nominate other blogs I am a big fan of. Some blogs inspired me to return to writing, showing me the value of having your own voice and some just make me smile.

So first up: seven things about me…

  1. Any of the pets I’ve named have taken those names from famous scientists throughout history
  2. I tried my hand at writing a screenplay during the first year of Project Greenlight Australia.
  3. I introduced my brother to PlayStation gaming, even though I didn’t own one.
  4. Star Wars was the first movie I remember seeing at the cinemas.
  5. My wife introduced me to Ghost Adventures, turning me into a fan.
  6. My first notable software project was to build statistician software for my indoor cricket team.
  7. I can hum the Super Mario Brothers theme despite only playing the game occasionally.

My own nominations, in no particular order are:

Please take a look and keep sailing the blogging seas.

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