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Hi-Fi Rush (Review)

Perhaps the best moment of the recent Xbox Developer_Direct presentation was the shadow drop of a new game from Tango Gameworks. Not only is Hi-Fi Rush a significant shift in tone from the developer’s horror themed games, but it’s also a genuine crowd pleaser and entirely unique game […]

High on Life (Review)

The most recent case of a game whose public opinion differs greatly to those of reviewers has been Squanch Games’ High on Life which despite reviews painting it on a less positive light has been one of the biggest releases on Xbox Game Pass EVER. I’ve been playing […]

PowerWash Simulator (Review)

The are games that span epic periods of history and others that have you stand as the defender of your realm against unspeakable evils and even more that have you face dozens, even hundreds of players in large scale battles… and yet here I am happily cleaning a […]