Remember the game Postal? Well now we have Hatred.

Developer Destructive Creations has released an announcement trailer recently for Hatred and they certainly have caused quite a stir.  Basically you play a mass murderer whose aim is to murder innocent civilians before he is killed.  Hard to pick up much more story than that based on the announcement trailer.

Here is a link to the trailer but fair warning – it is not suitable for work and not in front of anyone under 18.

Epic Games has reportedly asked the Unreal logo to be removed from the game due to the unsettling nature of the content.

This is definitely for adults only.  The developers want to apparently go against political correctness.  I think they have achieved that.  I also think it is unlikely we’ll see this on Australian shores, even with a R rating.  What do you think?

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  1. The thing I don’t understand about this game is what motivated the developers to come up this.

    The game itself seems almost rudimentary as a shooter but it’s been wrapped up in these serial killer trappings.

    Maybe they’re trying to make a point that a twin stick shooter is horribly violent and that we should feel sorry for all of those Robotrons or geometric shapes that have been destroyed over the years.

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