Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious – Short & Glorious

Please excuse me for presenting what might just be the smallest game review you will ever see here, but seeing as we already have a great Forza Horizon 2 review it seems only worthwhile to cover what makes this standalone expansion worth looking at.

What we have here is a cut down version of Forza Horizon 2 which has been co-branded with a movie (Furious 7) that shares a similar philosophy towards car culture. The great thing is it totally works and both the game and the movie enjoy the fruits of the union.

Much like the movies, the cars are the stars of this game.

Much like the movies, the cars are the stars of this game.

For starters the game benefits a lot from having Ludacris reprise his character’s role from the movies by replacing FH2‘s own announcer who could come across as a little too grating. I could easily see him return in a future instalment.

What the game brings to the mix is an attitude and engine that has a pedigree few other driving games can match. In terms of content I’d estimate it to be using around a third of the map from FH2 and maybe a sixth of the content. Some events are familiar but they’ve been tweaked a little to fit the theme of the game.

Its basically enough for a player to get a feel of the full game experience but tied with a consistent narrative that wouldn’t have existed if it were a game demo.

The game itself will take about four to six hours to play through and offers a full 1000 gamerscore which with the exception of one achievement can be completed through the natural course of the game itself.

For those who are already fans this is worth checking out as it makes for a fun diversion from the existing game. And those new to both franchises might just find they will get a lot of enjoyment from the game. Seeing as it is currently free it is an awesome deal no matter how you look at it.


For either curiosity or my achievement addiction, I’ve also been playing through the Xbox 360 version of the game developed by Sumo Digital.

Compared to the Xbox One version I will say it’s a decent facsimile of and minus the graphical flourishes and more open map, players will not be missing out on as much as you might think. The guts of the game is very much the same and makes it a great title to grab for a few hours of fun.

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