Star Wars Battlefront could be playable first on Xbox One

Looks like the EA Access service is going to get a few more subscribers soon…

Via IGN, a tweet from Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg made it clear that Xbox One owners are going to get a chance to play EA/DICE’s upcoming Star Wars shooter ahead of the other platforms. The assumption is that this will be via the EA Access service which recently had some success with releasing a trial of Battlefield Hardline prior to its launch.

For those unfamiliar with EA Access, it is a subscription service exclusive to the Xbox One that gives users an instant collection of older EA titles to play (“the vault”) as well as early access (in the form of trials that can be unlocked to full games at launch) and discounts on new releases. As time progresses and more games get added to the vault, the value proposition on that part increases considerably.

Having any degree of exclusivity with what could be the most anticipated Star Wars game in years will go a long way to attracting more players to the service and is a nice little coup for Xbox too.

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