Has Microsoft hit a home run with Windows 10?

At their Build 2015 developers conference, Microsoft made the most of their keynote to remind everyone that Windows 10 and the ecosystem it will create is going to be something special. And it’s hard to not feel that enthusiasm when you see what’s coming.

Old versus new; the Internet Explorer and Edge logos.

Old versus new; the Internet Explorer and Edge logos.

The replacement to Internet Explorer, previously called Project Spartan, will now be known as Microsoft Edge which is mighty convenient as they can save a few dollars on totally redesigning the icon. Jokes aside, the browser looks like it is firmly aiming to be as good for developers as it will be for users.

Then there’s Continuum, the Windows feature that allows apps to snap to and from tablet and desktop modes. Turns out there’s a bit more to it; phones will also support the feature allowing them to attach to screens, keyboards and mice and transform into mini PC’s, thanks also to the use of “universal” applications. New phone hardware will be needed to really make use of this but I imagine this will give many people reason to upgrade to a higher spec Lumia.

The number of apps for the platform should get a boost too due to some neat tools that will be introduced to Visual Studio allowing iOS and Android apps to be more easily ported across as universal apps. And this isn’t just talk; King’s Candy Crush Saga was actually ported across to Windows Phone using this technology.

HoloLens... it works.

HoloLens… it works.

Finally there’s HoloLens, which we got to see in action again.  What was also pointed out was this is not some isolated platform but another part of the Windows 10 ecosystem so your universal apps can also be used here too.

Microsoft have often talked in the past about “Windows Everywhere” but now they might finally have the technology to make it happen. The release date for the desktop OS is meant to be somewhere in the middle of the year (maybe with a Surface 4 announcement) so we may see soon if it truly delivers.

Check out the full keynote here. It weighs in at a massive three hours so you might need to set an evening aside for this one.


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