Star Trek games arrive on

A trio of Interplay’s Star Trek games have made the transition to digital downloads on‘s service just in time to counter those pesky May the Fourth withdrawals.

The first two, Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek Judgement Rites are adventure games in the style of Sierra and Lucasarts titles that play out like episodes from the classic series. The production values put into these games was quite significant at the time; having the entire cast return to voice their roles within the game was a huge draw for gamers.

I actually have an old limited edition copy of Judgement Rites at home that even includes a VHS cassette with a couple of episodes. VHS?!?! How old am I? 😉

The last game, Star Trek Starfleet Academy is a space combat simulator that puts you in the seat of a starship captain, taking on missions and focusing on the ships of the franchise. This was another significant game of the time thanks to extensive use of full motion video with William Shatner, Walter Koenig and George Takei putting on the uniforms once again. These are also used to help add an adventure element to the game which does well in drawing you in.

All three games are available now.


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