New Xbox One Experience Preview rolls out to more gamers

Last night I was fortunate to be one of many to get in on the latest round of previews of the upcoming New Xbox One Experience dashboard update. After what seemed like ages downloading the gigabyte sized update I was finally able to check it out.

First impressions are it is taking many design cues from Windows 10 apps with the left sidebar showing the most common options users will access – your friends list is right at the top. Navigation has changed a lot with more vertical movement which I think feels more natural compared to the old dashboard’s reliance on horizontal scrolling.

But easily the best bit is that it appears to be fast where it matters – bringing up your friends list is no longer a chore but gives you immediate results. It’s like seeing some of the best parts of the 360’s dashboard finally being realized (and improved) on the new console.

If you are part of the preview program and haven’t received an update yet, keep an eye on Mike Ybarra’s Twitter feed as it appears he is posting out news of updates rolling out as they happen.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts so far. I’m sure there’s going to be problems found, it is a preview after all. What does everyone else think of the changes Microsoft are making?

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  1. I don’t yet have the xbox one but I’m sure I will someday. It’s nice to hear the user interface is getting some TLC. From day one the UI looked pretty nice and I’m eager to compare it to my PS4 at some point.

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