Patch for Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One fixes some big issues

A mighty big patch for Elite: Dangerous rolled out today for Xbox One that was notable for me in that it fixes a recent bug I had come across with the game crashing when attempting to salvage cargo. So to see it top of the list below made me a very happy space trader.

No news yet on how the Horizons expansion will arrive on console – with the new season of the game being treated as an entirely separate product on Steam, I wonder if a similar process will happen on console meaning players will have to buy a whole new game?

Full details of the patch follows and comes courtesy of Frontier’s E:D forums.

Hi everyone,

As mentioned by the lovely Gary Richards, today we’re seeing a significant update to the Xbox One servers.

The servers will be up at roughly 2pm UTC and we aren’t expecting any downtime.

If the update doesn’t automatically start, you might need to hard-reset your Xbox One by holding the Power Button for 10 seconds, or until it turns off and then unplugging the power supply until the light goes out. The file size is 1.2GB.

The full list of changes are below. Enjoy!

•Fixed for crash when entering salvageable wreckage
•Don’t overwrite the plotted route in the galaxy map if opening the system map
•Fix an issue where the planned route could be wiped after a hyper jump
•Fixed a crash in trail rendering.
•Prevent a crash if closing bulletin board while the page is updating.
•Fixed a render crash with asteroid cluster.
•Fixed a crash from NPC launching.
•Fix crash from NPC messenger
•Fix crash with missing asteroid physics
•Crash fix for when a cargo canister spawns with either an invalid item, or one set up incorrectly
•Speculative fix for world transform crash
•Fix UI crash in options screen
•Fix a crash caused by a POI activating during a transition
•Fixed multi-threading crash in physics
•Fixed crash in mission manager
•Crash fix for rare case when checking data point rewards
•In the rare case we don’t have an authority machine, avoid the crash caused when checking whether to wait for an object
•Fix soft lock when entering the CQC menu
•Fix crash in cockpit UI if disconnected from server
•Fix a crash when targeting a wake (or otherwise managing to have an approach type without valid target destination)
•Fix crashes in power distributor
•Fixed server crash with island clean up
•Fix crash in station menu if a cockpit isn’t present
•Kinematic input crash fix
•Fix a render crash with schematics
•Fix skipping in ident video.
•Fixed a number of star systems with stuck controlling minor factions.
•Fix for when ship spins very fast after launch and is destroyed
•Fixed stolen flag being sent incorrectly in cargo transfer and boarding
•Fix for incorrect landing volumes on Diamondback Scout
•Fixed some mission string substitution errors
•Fix streaming error in the faction manager
•Fix POI’s that were visible from ship in the form of a disk but were not spawning when in the ship
•Fix for wing beacons making player ships spawn colliding with existing ships
•Fix a cargo bay transaction server error
•Fix for missing texture errors in schematics
•Fix missing component error if a player goes offline
•Fixed deep space POIs spawning incorrect POIs
•Rebalanced the ice field lighting in the CQC map.
•When purchasing exploration data, Universal Cartographic is now able to include details on all bodies in a system.
•Stop disconnecting players with a transaction server error when failing to eject cargo
•Make POI’s that were supposed to be visible from the ship be visible
•Off set Wing members drop outs to avoid collisions
•Don’t set the near planet flag on saves for platforms that don’t support Horizons
•Added the user’s time played to the Commander statistics screen
•More aggressive guards to prevent corruption of the physics proxy pair manager
•Optimisations for environment map capture
•Altered the null chance for POIs such that there is a nice fall off between civilised and unexplored space
•Increased the texture resolution of the cargo bay
•Don’t show Horizons missions on platforms that don’t support them
•Schematic material optimisations
•Memory optimisations by changing material texture data format
•Optimised resource loading
•Female pilot texture optimisations
•Prevent server error if player tries to buy something they cannot afford
•Improve flattening on some deep space POIs
•Hide location from profile
•Fix disappearing blue circle for POIs
•Updated additional POIs to be visible from the ship and adjusting their radar radius size
•Fixed bounties claimed stat incrementing twice as often as it should be
•Fixed redeeming all vouchers for a faction instead of just combat bonds
•Fixed some Commodity names in the market trend local news articles
•Fixed longitude and latitude using the wrong time to establish location
•Rebalance LOD stream priorities to help with some streaming issues
•Fixed Refinery Panel to show correct strings at the correct time
•Brought back the cross hair for scooping
•Check to see if we have disconnected from EDserver before checking to see if we have permission to be close to a planet
•Prevent tiny planets from having a combination of basins, large scale deformation, europa line, rifts and craters which add up to a depth greater than the radius of the planet itself
•Fixed hitman chatter table
•Mission text fixes
•Updated tutorial video names and descriptions
•Prevent the attempted parsing of $; on data links when scanned info is empty string
•Ensure that NPC pilots are created correctly and don’t block loading
•Escape pod does not show up in schematic view when targeted
•Navigation panel filter resets after action, such as leaving a station fixed
•Too close dropping out box stuck over the top of HUD fixed
•Active Cargo Filters now all fit on screen
•Cargo Filters – Back button doesn’t set the filter button active fixed
•Adjusted the alpha of the background panels while pop-ups are different sizes to make it more readable
•Added disabled or inapplicable state to the module select buttons
•Resized Type 9 and Sidewinder target schematics a bit
•Fixed focus issue when displaying an inbox message and switching to another panel
•system map : changed “ships” to “stored ships” in middle panel
•Fix label flickering in Galaxy Map
•Nav marker disappears when targeting away from it fixed
•Move CQC stats lower in the Commander Stats page
•Fix for mining objects not replicating their dead state
•Cargo Canisters no longer spawn half stuck in geometry in dump POIs
•Reduced the amount of force applied to debris when it’s shot
•Increased the probability of lawless POIs spawning
•Increased rewards from cargo canisters at wrecks
•Fix for not triggering the “blocking landing pad” crime
•Speculative fix for some missiles failing to die at the end of their life
•Remove erroneous missions from bulletin board
•Fixes for missing mission text
•Fix for some missions ending early
•Add influence to some missions
•Make some interface targets more obvious
•Remove erroneous time left contract elements
•Fix rescue missions
•Remove rank requirements from some missions
•Texture optimisations to aid streaming
•Fixes for incorrect particle shadows/lighting and potentially other numerous subtle render bugs
•Reduced the intensity of the texture and related lights of projectors in the Corvette cockpit to stop them interfering with the compass
•Corrected Diamondback landing gear volumes
•Added correct shadows for Federal Assault Ship and Federal Gunship
•Tweaked external pilot chair positions in Clipper
•Added white chairs to low poly cockpit in Clipper
•Fixed hit check issue with Sidewinder convex hull being backwards
•Stop ship landing gear collision being in the wrong place for the first few frames
•Extra capping on landing pad bases
•Adjusted landing volumes for Vulture
•Adjusted landing volumes for the Federal Gunship
•Updated the Imperial Fighter’s default colour scheme
•Fixed broken UVs on Viper MkIV’s utility hard points
•Improved loading to reduce stalls during ident movie
•When the connection to the webserver is broken, prevent the game from soft locking at the end of a CQC match
•Speculative fix for some data points not being active at the right time
•Fix for some Commanders not being able to die or clear their save
•Allow more texture streaming memory
•Make sure time (and legal status) properties are replicated across the network
•Stop all hostile ships in conflict zones targeting the player and friendly ships do not assist
•The canopy no longer repairs its self when leaving and re-entering the ship
•Pushed Python drive hit spheres back so it can intersect with the hit check – so drives are not invulnerable
•Restock panel no longer allow you to confirm a transaction with zero things selected
•Improved feedback when attempting to confirm a transaction you cannot afford (flashy red cost) on restock panel
•Orbital HUD now stops rendering when canopy is breached
•Fixed the Keelback’s name in local traffic reports
•Fix for star trails flickering off every time an envmap capture is taken
•Fix Io type worlds not reporting their atmospheres
•Postpone planet rendering while in loading screens
•Fix for buying or swapping a ship in the ship yard causes the camera to float around the station
•Removed decals to stop them floating on destroyed geometry
•Cockpit no longer marked as “inactive” once repaired
•Fix an error seen when temporarily breaking the network connection during CQC matchmaking
•Wing members are not informed that another wing member is no longer part of the chat when they’ve accepted a new voice comms request
•If the UI is waiting for us to update our friends list but we’re not updating (have done so too recently) then re-push the current friends list to the UI to remove the “Server Response” loading screen
•Rep/inf/state/reward balancing first pass
•Audio Slightly changed the way how dust grit works. Also setting initial values for them, so it won’t pop in without cause
•Audio Mix improvements to System map
•Audio boosted combat music slightly
•Audio fixed crash on CQC chaff launcher variant
•Audio fixed broken dynamic ranges on explosions
•Audio fixed silent large landing areas
•Audio fixed a bunch of GUI sounds being muted in the outfitting bay
•Audio fixed hard cut in ship stress noises when FSD starts counting down
•Audio fix for ship stress sounds being silent on Keelback
•Audio fixes for various issues with the launch/land sounds
•Audio fix for hard music cut on leaving system map
•Audio fixed hard-panned GUI sound in system map

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  1. Wow – that is quite a patch. Looking forward to downloading it tonight when I get home. Have recently got back into this game again after a month’s break. 🙂

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