Star Citizen splits up key components

The ever expanding monolith that is Star Citizen is undergoing a major change after February 14 with the Persistent Universe (MMO) component breaking off from the Squadron 42 solo campaign with both now being sold separately.

Anyone whose already purchased the game will continue to have access to both but anyone buying the game after the date will need to purchase each part to have access to the whole. It’s an interesting shift in policy and I’m surprised it has taken this long to take this long. Both parts are very different games that are likely to also attract very different crowds.

Gary Old man is one of many high profile actors who've provided their likeness and acting skills to the game's cinematics.

Gary Oldman is one of many high profile actors who’ve provided their likeness and acting skills to the game’s cinematics.

Squadron 42 with its story focused campaign and big production values is the kind of crowd pleasing game that has potential to be released as boxed copies, on Steam or even as a console title. Keeping it away from its more intimidating MMO sibling gives it a chance to shine and also increases its attractiveness to long time fans of Wing Commander.

Details of the package split can be found here.

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  1. I’m actually disappointed they are selling it separately and I am one of the gamers holding off to see what they had in store for this game. I guess it makes sense in some ways though. Elite Dangerous Horizons is a different package to Elite Dangerous for example. At least if you buy the first part it is $45, and only $15 to buy the second part of the game.

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  2. Hmmm, what does this mean for offline singleplayer? I thought one of their major we re better than Elite selling points was proper offline singleplayer, but from the above it sounds like that is no longer the case same client, singleplay affects online profile, etc? Maybe the actual gameplay is hived off but it smells like there s some eldritch tendrils of connectivity creeping in there.

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    • I think you may have answered your own question there! 🙂

      How Squadron 42 ties into the Persistent Universe may not be totally clear right now but perhaps it is becoming like Elite: Dangerous in it’s Solo Play mode… you may not be sharing your single player universe with other players but it will be influenced by data from the multiplayer version. Downside though is it requires some level of connectivity to make it work.

      ED did get some negative press early on because it promised its single player mode (Solo Play) was to be offline but had to renege on it. The Star Citizen team might have found as well it was too problematic to have an integrated set of games and allow parts of them to be cut off completely from their servers.

      Thanks for your post!


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