PAX Australia 2016 – Day Two Roundup

First up for me on day two of PAX Australia 2016 was to return to the Main Theatre for The Penny Arcade “Make a Strip” session. It’s always fun to go as it is basically  a Q&A with Mike and Jerry combined with a live drawing of a new cartoon. I’m also fascinated with the process of actually creating the cartoon as well so seeing Mike at work is a highlight for me.

They were a little pressed for time at one point when Mike’s Surface Pro 4 decided halfway through it needed to restart so it could update Windows (as you do) but they carried on and made it just in the nick of time.

Below is a slideshow of stills I had taken of the session while watching, from start to finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that I went to a session for Dishonored 2 discussing the process behind the art direction for the new game. Admittedly I didn’t have a chance to play the original game yet but the art style from it reminded me of a cross between Thief and BioShock.

During the session we also got a peek at some of the new areas that appear to be tied to specific misions and I’m really curious to see how they turn out.

One involved using a time travel device to jump through different periods so as to avoid obstacles and another had the building picked together like a giant clockwork machine that revealed different routes as areas literally unfolded. I do wonder how many of these kinds of scenarios will be in the whole game though.

But if there are going to be more of this in store for players, the game could be a real winner. I think I’ll be checking out the original Dishonored soon as a result of this.

Going back to the Expo Hall I returned to the Xbox booth and met Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) face to face and he is a hell of a friendly guy who was happy to give everyone a few minutes of his time. Talking about Star Raiders and Atari 800s was totally worth it. 🙂

The last thing for me was in the evening at a nearby venue where fans of the upcoming adventure Thimbleweed Park could meet up with the development team including LucasArts legend Ron Gilbert.

I hadn’t seen much of the game for a while now so being able to try out a demo now that it is nearly done was fantastic. And it has to be said that the art totally nails what you want from a retro styled adventure game and there’s even some clever use of more modern effects that don’t in any way break the illusion of the vintage game it is aiming for.

I had a great time there and met fellow fans of the LucasArts adventures too. Just remember: never, EVER, mention Escape from Monkey Island.

Some cool little cards given away to those who checked out Thimbleweed Park.

Some cool little cards given away to those who checked out Thimbleweed Park.

A pretty late night for me this one but I’m sure coffee will help me get through to the end when I return for the last day. 🙂

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