March 2017 Games with Gold brings on Evolve and Borderlands 2

Today the next month of Xbox’s Games with Gold was announced via Major Nelson and it looks like there is much to look forward to in March.

  • Layers of Fear – March 1-31, Xbox One
  • Evolve: Ultimate Edition – March 16-April 15, Xbox One
  • Borderlands 2 – March 1-15, Xbox 360
  • Heavy Weapon – March 16-31, Xbox 360

Layers of Fear was released a year ago and is described as a psychedelic horror game set within a Victorian era mansion. It’s use of art from the period does make it look different from other games from the genre.

Evolve: Ultimate Edition had the hallmarks of a true successor to Left 4 Dead but stumbled badly from concerns over its handling of DLC which possibly ended a franchise before it had even started. When it was first launched I’ll admit to thinking it was pretty cool.

Borderlands 2 is the best of Gearbox’s shooter and looter series with plenty of co-op goodness for players and enough in just the campaign to keep players busy for a while. Of the four games this might just be the one that’ll get most people excited.

Lastly, Heavy Weapon is an old school side scrolling shooter from back in the early days on Xbox Live Arcade on the 360 and is a nice little alternative to the other games which require more commitment in the time department.

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