Gaming on the Couch with your PC

Several improvements have been made to enhance the couch gaming experience on the PC that I think are worth mentioning.

With the latest Windows 10 updates it seems now that the Xbox One controller can be added via standard Bluetooth now. Instructions on how to do this are found here. I’ve tested this with a white Xbox One S controller on my trusty Intel 3rd gen NUC and it works really well. You’ll only ever need the Xbox One wireless adapter now if you don’t have Bluetooth on your computer (most desktops).

The next big improvement is how the Steam application handles streaming. We’ve always been able to stream from one PC to the other but Steam also have a nifty device if you don’t want to fork out heaps of money on a 2nd baseline PC, called Steam Link. For all accounts it is a great gaming streaming device (1080p) to your TV and also very cost effective.

Steam Link

Steam Link – as small as a portable hard drive and allows excellent streaming to your TV from your main Steam PC (Windows or Steam OS).

The improvements made to the Steam platform that works really well on Steam Link and a second PC is the fact you can now stream non Steam games. I added No Man’s Sky (which I have bought from GOG) as a non Steam game shortcut and I was able to successfully stream it from my main PC out to the lounge room one. No issues at all. I’m going to be trying a few other games over the coming days but so far I’ve come away very impressed.

PC couch gaming has just become that much easier thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Valve’s Steam. I’m loving it.

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  1. And Windows 10 lets you stream from the Xbox One too… So if you have that sitting in another room you have access to that catalogue, including 360 games. 😉

    It’s great all this exists now… Your games can travel with you in ways that were never possible before unless you were stocking up on emulators.

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  2. I don’t have a Bluetooth enabled controller that will work with Windows 10 unfortunately. That and my network isn’t fast enough to support it. Still cool that this is becoming an option now though. I would love to be able to stream my PC to my big screen.

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    • If you have a Xbox One controller you just need to make sure you update the controller via the Xbox to the latest firmware. Then it will work.

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    • If I didn’t have my Intel NUC 3rd gen PC to stream games to I would definitely get a Steam Link. Is meant to work really well and quite in-expensive compared to something like Nvidia Shield.

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  3. I’ve been doing this for awhile now. Even before the bluetooth thing with windows was a thing. I have a Steam controller for those days that I feel like sitting back and gaming. Just got a Xbox One controller last week and I’ve been enjoying some Street Fighters V with it. Probably won’t play anything that requires me to use the second control stick :).

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