EA Access 10 hour Trials coming for NFS Payback and SW Battlefront II

In what is really good news, particularly for those wanting to see a few more enhanced games on their shiny new Xbox One X, is that EA Access (and Origin Access for PC) will release 10 hour trials of both Need for Speed: Payback and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Need for Speed Payback’s trial is being released November 2nd.


Need for Speed Payback is not a launch title buy for me, but I could be persuaded otherwise if it turns out to be really good.

Star Wars Battlefront II’s trial is being released November 9th.

SW Battlefront 2

Can’t wait to play the single player campaign.

This is a full week early ahead of the proper release. Whatever you play during the first 10 hours will save and you can continue on once the game is released.

I still think EA Access on the Xbox One is really good value. Not only do you get 10% off the digital price of any new EA game, but you get these excellent full blown 10 hour long trials, plus a back catalogue of your favourite EA Sports games.

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