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Murphy’s Law of PUBG

A lot of factors are working against you in games that get in the way of you and victory. Some are because of design and others are because of your own fortune.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been keeping me busy lately on the Xbox One. As someone who is more often than not on the receiving end of Murphy’s Law, I think I’m developing a thicker skin for online multiplayer games as a result of it.

The following is what I’ve been able to come away with so far…

  1. When you choose an uninteresting little house on the edge of the map, half the plane will unload and land there too.
  2. The first house you loot will be the one with rubbish gear. The player who lands nearby ends up with an arsenal. Guess who wins?
  3. That time you get a well stocked inventory is also when you’re on the opposite side of the map to the circle. And you can’t find a vehicle to save yourself. Literally.
  4. The chances of you shooting a team mate (or being shot by one) increases with the size of your group, how quickly you panic to random fire and how often everyone pokes their heads out of a vehicle at the same time.
  5. When you make a racket opening a door only to realise it was a garage and you only needed to walk around to the other side to go in. Everyone else is already inside waiting for you. They won’t be friendly.
  6. The apartment roof you land on will be the one that doesn’t have a stairwell (Grocs knows about this one).
  7. That awesome weapon you were testing out before the parachute drop is the one you’ll be shot with in the game. And it happens when you’ve only found a frying pan.
  8. Trying to find sanctuary in a bathroom does not work like it did in Lethal Weapon 2.
  9. That tree you think will make great cover except someone else is already there waiting for you. You’ll never see it coming.
  10. You turn your back to the circle thinking you are safe and that’s when someone else runs into the safe zone and shoots you in the back.
  11. Odds are good that the car you abandon will be one that runs you over a minute later. It may also be your team mate driving it.

It’s certain that most of these apply to other games but right now PUBG seems way better at reminding me of the relentless possibilities of things going wrong… many by my own hand too. If you think I’m missing any, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC and Xbox One.

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