PUBG Xbox One hits v1.0 on September 4

After what seems like an eternity for Xbox One players, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will finally reach version 1.0 and leave Game Preview on the 4th of September. What this hopefully means for players is that it will begin to achieve a degree of parity with the PC version with which it has long been trailing far behind in terms of updated.

Coming with this release are achievements (finally!), the chaotic “War Mode” as well as the third map (Sanhok) – a much more confined map set on a tropical island that is designed to bring players into conflict faster. Finally, microtransactions are being drastically changed with existing crates being streamlined (still using battle points, or BP) while a new “G-Coin” system is being added for cosmetic purchases using real money.

There’s no denying that the initial launch of the game on Xbox One was not smooth sailing (or the PC truthfully) but the developers have done a lot of work in improving the experience and my time with it has been great. With the competition only going to get more heated in the next year with Call of Duty and Battlefield wanting to add their own spins to the Battle Royale genre, PUBG and Fortnite are going to have to keep on delivering big changes or risk being swept aside.

For any Game Preview PUBG players, jump into the game now before the 4th to claim a gift crate that gives you a set of PlayerUnknown themed cosmetics that are guaranteed to have everyone dressed the same for the next few months. With how difficult it’s been to unlock some of the rarer items these will be popular for a while.

PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now on PC and Xbox One.

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  1. PUBG isn’t my thing, but I’m glad it’s getting updated. I’ve read some horror stories about the Xbox version of the game :). What do you think of CoD and Battlefield adding their own Battle Royal game modes? I don’t care much for them, but I’m going to have Battlefield V (Origin Access) and I’ll probably end up playing it at some point once I run out of things to play. Or I might just buy it on PS4 since I’m getting one in 5 days :).

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  2. The flakiness of the Xbox versions have been infuriating at times in the past but I’ve rarely had a crash the last few months so I guess they’re doing something right. One early game I remember it crashing on me during a squad match and my mates sat back and watched my character run off into the blue zone to die. I was too slow to reload. 🙂

    It’s going to be interesting to see how these other Battle Royale modes turn out! Technically Battlefield wasn’t that far off from being able to handle the player count (up to 64 already?) but if they can do the map size too then they in the very least could make a comparable clone. Call of Duty is the one with the big question mark for me. I haven’t played as much MP in the later games but it always seemed their style was oriented towards close quarters combat with a more restricted player count.

    You certainly won’t be short of games to play on PS4 either… have fun! 🙂


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