Destiny 2 free for a short time on PC

PC gamers, if you’ve ever wanted to give Destiny 2 a go you have a very short window of opportunity to pick it up for free.

During Blizzcon, which is currently underway, you can login to Battle.Net and you should see a gift from Blizzard in the form of the game.

A few of us here have claimed this fine, so check out Battle.Net and check the gifts section quickly to see if you’ve been offered it as well.


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  1. An issue I realized tonight. I have limited hard drive space. To install anything else I am going to need to make decisions on what to even take for a spin.

    First world problems I guess.

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  2. It’s scary just how big games can be and no matter how much hard disk space you have it’s eventually not enough. Star Citizen might turn out to be another drive gobbling game too. I know I’m afraid to install it all!

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