Playstation VR Games Round Up (Review)

I’ve been playing quite a bit of my PSVR lately and thought I’d provide a couple of recommendations around what games are a highlight on the system. Please be aware, I haven’t got all the games for PSVR, so this blog post will be around what I’ve played.

I still love racing around frequently in Gran Turismo Sport via VR. Sure, like most PSVR games the resolution isn’t as good as the native game, but it is so damn immersive. Sony is still supporting the game with regular updates including new cars and tracks. It is such a shame Sony couldn’t integrate VR into the main races, as you only really get to race against one other car. The VR component of GT Sport is amazing, but I wish there was more to it.

Gran Turismo Sport. Still getting amazing support 2 years on. New tracks and cars (playable in VR) are still available almost every month.

Enter Driveclub VR. This game, while not quite as graphically attractive as Sony’s flagship racing game, is still fantastic. In VR you have racing with 7 other cars, proper night races with very impressive lighting and other great little features that were sadly overlooked when this released several years ago. Driveclub VR (and all other Driveclub related content) will only be available to purchase digitally until August, 2019 before taken down. Word of warning too, the servers for this underrated game will be turned off March, 2020. You will still be able to play all the single player content, including the main campaign, but leaderboard scores etc and multiplayer will be disabled.

Driveclub VR may not look the best, but the scope of the game is great and allows for many exciting races in VR.

I still maintain Driveclub VR is a great VR racing game, and highly recommend it if you’ve just picked up a PSVR headset. I think any decent VR game that gives you controller support on the PSVR is worth grabbing, simply because the very old move controllers for most part, are crap.

I think this is one reason I don’t play many PSVR games with the move controllers; the lack of analog sticks to move around in the virtual space means they are pretty much ineffective (except for on rail shooters like Rush of Blood). For me games that allow you to use a proper controller while sitting is probably the best way to experience PSVR. That and those games that support the great light gun that does support two analog sticks, which I’ll get to soon.

Moss is a platformer specifically designed around the PSVR. It is about a mouse who goes on an adventure. The graphics are fantastic, and there is a great sense of scale. I actually prefer Moss over Astro-Bot because of the gameplay and art style. If you have even a casual interest in platformers, and want to good story, give Moss a go.

Moss has a great story, and a beautiful example of a platformer in VR.

The Persistence is a first person stealth / survival game. It has some elements of the Dark Souls games, mixed with System Shock. The premise is that you make your way through an abandoned space station to try and find out what happened. The difference is your consciousness is embedded into a clone of somebody else. You actually find DNA through the map and can clone different and stronger bodies as you progress. Where the Dark Souls inspiration comes from is that when you die, you get sent back to a cloning station and have to create another clone and try again. Considering the modest hard drive requirements (3 gb) this game is definitely great in VR. Note, it is an adult game and there is plenty of violence for this sci-fi themed game.

Good little VR horror survival game with some stealth elements. Well worth your time.

As some of you may already know, if you are after a first rate horror experience the best PSVR example of this is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. When I first put this on I was stunned at the level of detail, and the reasonable resolution the game ran at in PSVR. This is an absolute must buy and I can vouch for being much more effective with a pistol in VR than I can playing the game normally. I have to admit this is probably the best example of VR I’ve seen so far, if you have the stomach for it.

My favourite Resident Evil 7 VR experience so far. Near the beginning of the game there is a heavily inspired Blair Witch Project styled level. So good.

In terms of flying games there are a few gems, and like the games I’ve just mentioned above these are also playable on controller. Eve Valkyrie: Warzone and Endspace are two such titles. Both games are space combat sims, and with Eve Valkyrie: Warzone cross platform multiplayer is supported. The latest patch that introduced Warzone to the title means you can actually play the game on a normal TV or VR. The graphics are excellent and in typical VR fashion you really get an amazing sense of scale.

Amazing looking space combat sim – Eve Valkyie: Warzone.

Endspace may be less graphically impressive but it has your more traditional single player mission approach. Both games are worth grabbing if you like space combat. If you are are up for your more traditional flying, Ultrawings is a fun little game. Just be aware that if you turn the comfort level down (meaning you basically get a full view of the screen while flying instead of a fish eye lens view) this game will make you feel quite a bit of vertigo. I prefer to give my VR games the full treatment, and luckily VR sickness has never bothered me, but even I felt a bit of vertigo with Ultrawings.

Ultrawings: Definitely worth a look, but you have to handle strong VR experiences.

So onto a couple of games that I really enjoy that support the Aim Controller (gun for PSVR). As mentioned earlier, the Aim Controller supports dual thumbsticks, so you can move around the VR world and aim at the same time. Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour are definitely worth your time with this controller, and both have been specifically designed for it.

Farpoint has you as a space solider looking for two missing scientists on Mars. Plenty of alien enemy variation and a great sense of being on a desolated planet adds a lot to the immersion. Being able to turn your aim controller around so you can take a proper look at your virtual gun is great. Aiming down the sights by holding the Aim Controller up to your shoulder is just amazing. It is these sorts of experiences that means VR will always have a place in gaming for me. Farpoint is well worth you time. I actually haven’t tried the multiplayer modes in this game, but the single player story is excellent.

Farpoint – just great with the Aim Controller.

Firewall Zero Hour is another 1st person shooter that supports the Aim Controller. It allows you to play against bots, or team up with a group of four and do four on four Call of Duty style combat. Once again, this is a great example of how good the Aim Controller is. Using the thumbstick to run straight down a corridor and just turning your head left and right to quickly search rooms is incredible. It does allow single player play as well in terms of the matches if you don’t feel like playing with others all the time.

Great fun and very immersive for a 1st person shooter – Firewall Zero Hour

These games are just some of the PSVR games I’ve played, but they are the ones I keep going back to. I still love my PSVR and no doubt I’ll be playing racing games on it for some time. It would be great to see more sim like racers on the PSVR, but nothing really has been announced.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and post your comments below.

A note on these screenshots. The PSVR is 3 years old now, and the resolution doesn’t look as good as the screenshots show. The images also don’t show just how immersive having a full 360 view and VR experience is.

All PSVR games were played on a standard controller except for the Aim Controller mentioned games – Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour.

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