Forza Horizon and Top Gear makes for a good combination

I have to give the developers at Playground Games a lot of credit for how they keep finding way of bringing me back to Forza Horizon 4. Much like Turn 10’s work on evolving Forza Motorsport 7 to something greater than it’s launch the amount of evolving content being added to Horizon is making it a game that’s offering a incredible value for new players. Not only have the two expansions (Fortune Island and LEGO Speed Champions) added more terrain to travel across with their own little adventures thrown into the mix but the core game has continued to expand with a number of new “Horizon Stories” arriving post launch that each have their own little story within a set of new challenges.

This could be yours… are you up for the challenge?

The most recent Horizon Stories is taking inspiration from the BBC series Top Gear and is backed up with a voice-over from presenter Chris Harris. Though Top Gear has appeared previously in the Motorsport games (with old hosts Hammond, Clarkson and May) I’ve always thought that the Forza Horizon series was a far better fit with its long, windy roads and death defying stunts. That you get to drive some wildly interesting “cars” as The Stig is a bit of fun that’ll also let you earn the racing suit for your avatar too depending on how successful you are in the challenges. After taking some great advice from a friend I also learned to not always follow the default navigation and find shortcuts which turned out to be the only way to achieve the best score in a couple of cases. Full details of the Top Gear update can be found here. It’s great fun… and I want more of it!

After spending a huge amount of time with Forza Horizon 4 from launch and through the first expansion this new addition to the base game has been most welcome as my time in the game has dropped and become more casual with online sessions with friends. So seeing something new popping up with a few challenges to do has been great and I hope it continues into the future with both Forza games. 🙂

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