There’s only so many times Ubisoft can rescue their games

With the recent announcement from the developers at Ubisoft of their plans to improve Ghost Recon Breakpoint after the general negativity towards the game since launch I really wonder if management there are missing something which is leading their development teams to take directions with their franchises opposite to public expectations. So far this generation they’ve had the following games undergo major rework in response to backlash:

  • For Honor,
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division,
  • The Crew,
  • Rainbow Six Siege

… and now Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Some serious credit has to be given to all involved in making some remarkable turnarounds in not only the games themselves but also in the public’s opinion. But the cost in doing this as often as they have must be significant. And this time around Ubisoft also had to push back the rest of their major titles into the new year which much sting a lot. But maybe it’s much needed too – with the massive number of people needed to make games like this it likely needs just as many to fix them. Now imagine if another game released (say, Watch Dogs: Legion) to a similar reception and they decide to fix that one too. Suddenly their pipeline of workers is impacted and all their other projects are delayed.

Eventually Ubisoft is going to have to draw the line on this and either work a little harder to get these games right from the start or be willing to let some of them wither and die because this approach of theirs couldn’t possibly last. It’s great that they commit as they do to their products but eventually they’ll have to follow EA’s path of mercy kills (see Anthem). Of course I could be wrong and this is part of their grand plan for pushing products as services (“it’s going to get better… honest!”) but I worry eventually there’ll be a string of failures and no more money to save them.