Quick thoughts on Disney+

Now that Disney’s streaming service has hit the shores of Australia I’ve taken the plunge. With already a week’s worth of new content from the launch last week there was plenty to see from the outset. Signing up was pretty painless though the Android app but that’s something all of the competition have figured out quickly enough. The app itself feels less responsive than others I’ve used and I’m not a big fan of how content is presented with horizontally scrolling rows of categories but then I hate that about the Netflix app too. Thankfully my Xbox One and Smart TV both have apps available which I was more comfortable with and I think they’ll be the main method I use for watching anything.

Any concerns about he apps though evaporated quickly once I had time to look into what is available. And if you’re a fan of Disney’s products you’re going to be a happy subscriber. Just having the Star Wars and Marvel properties would be a win in itself but the vast volumes of content is impressive and for families with kids it could also be the easy choice too. Being a big Star Wars fan I’m already deep into watching The Mandalorian and it’s very much like a natural evolution of what Lucasfilm achieved with their animated series. It’s a damned good way to launch the service. And as a bonus for me, being able to finally see the last two seasons of Rebels plus the upcoming final season of The Clone Wars is too good to pass up.

On top of that you have their movie catalogue available plus a lot of content from the 20th Century Fox side of things too. Whether or not you are a fan, having access to The Simpsons is a massive bonus to an already packed catalogue. It’s a shame that titles like Deadpool likely won’t be on the service due to their rating but the exceptions are probably fewer than you might think. But the service is still new so we’ll have to see how it is once the dust settles. I’m really liking it so far… I’m getting plenty of shows to watch and it’s cheaper than the other streaming services I use too. Seems like a win to me. 🙂

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