Paper and pre-orders for the new Xbox

Preorders for the Xbox Series X and S begin tomorrow and I’m curious to find out if it’ll be handled smoothly or be chaotic like last week’s PlayStation 5 badly communicated one. Retailers here in Australia have been clearly indicating that orders open from 8am in the morning and I might be testing my luck to see how I go. I’m certainly not expecting a lot of success as a few friends who tried to get PS5s missed a chance to get theirs on launch day and will have to wait for later shipments to arrive. It’s hard to predict how that will work out for anyone gift shopping but I suppose we’ll know how that works out once this first batch of consoles roll out on November 10.

Some silliness was added into the mix with Microsoft providing paper cutouts of the new consoles in either life size or one third scale. I couldn’t help myself and had to stick together a couple of the 1/3 versions. Thankfully these new consoles are just simple boxes and I’m not trying to origami up a space taco…


Despite my lack of ability to even make those models fit together neatly and stand straight (see pic) it does allow you to see for yourself the difference in size between the two models and the Series S is substantially smaller than its bigger brother. Of the two consoles, S is the one most likely to fit snug into an entertainment unit whereas the X might require a little bit of creative organisation of your entertainment system. I recently moved my One X outside of my own unit due to fan noise (damn you again Modern Warfare!) which resulted in a massive improvement thanks to the better airflow so it’s likely I’ll adopt the same strategy for its replacement. The big fans on both machines (and the PS5 too) are begging for open areas to keep the consoles cool so don’t be thinking of hiding them away unless you want your room to sound like an airport.

Anyone else looking to test their luck in this year’s console rush, I wish you all the best and hope that your lucky number comes up. It’s the strangest year to be considering the arrival of a new console generation but maybe for a few people it’ll help close out 2020 a little better than expected.

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