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Finding names for your game characters

One thing I neglected to mention when going through Star Wars Squadrons was that not only do you get to choose cosmetic items for your ships and pilots but can also name each faction’s pilots when you first start playing. It made me think that when you get to name the characters for your games the choices tend to fall into a few categories:

  1. Named after your Gamertag, account etc. You like to keep it simple and avoid spending too much time on it so you can get into the game ASAP. You might even just use your real name.
  2. Created an entirely new character. You enjoy the character creation aspects of the game and want to get them just right, making sure they fit into the world you’re about to inhabit. You’ll work to get a name just right too. They are the dedicated players.
  3. Named after favourite characters. You name them after characters you’re fond of from books, movies, games. Maybe you’ve even got a great character you created in the past (ie. see above) and want to bring them over to your new game.
  4. For fun. Or as we like to call it here “for shits and giggles”. The names may not be entirely related to the game you are playing or have any relevance but you get some amusement from them nonetheless.

For the first time in ages I actually chose 4 and though it makes absolutely no difference in the game (or to anyone else) it still makes me smile. Probably helped that a certain director’s cut of a movie was announced prior which helped me choose sides… (see below) 😉

What methods do you use for creating and naming characters? Feel free to share below.

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  1. I guess it might depend on the game for me. I am super lame and normally keep all the names the same in RPGs. I also do like when it can just use my gamertag, with Squadrons I used a personal nickname and left the last name for both characters.

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    • Using my Gamertag has been a necessity for me in a lot of multiplayer games because friends would get confused when my name was different. One recent case was in Modern Warfare which I had a different name for my CoD account but I was thankful Activision allowed players to change it. 🙂

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