Homebound: New gems for the Atari 8bit collection

Finding new additions to my Atari 8bit collection happens on occasion when I see something unique or a version I always wanted. Thankfully on eBay recently I was able to do both with a couple of cartridges that’ll work nicely in my old system.

Crossfire was a game that I had long forgotten about but seeing it action again had reminded me that it was pretty neat game. Plus it’s now another game cart from Sierra On-Line who people nowadays remember more for adventure games than anything else. Arcade style games like this were easy fodder for the Atari and it’s great playing it again.

I’m VERY happy to find Lode Runner on cartridge too. Though there’s plenty of copies out in the wild, many that I’ve seen on eBay are sealed and going for a hefty price. I’m happy to find one with a little wear and tear though… makes me feel it was played and loved over the years. There’s been plenty of versions of the game over the years, including one on the Xbox 360, but I still find myself drawn to the “classic” versions which I think is the perfect distillation of a great game.

I’m hoping to find some box protectors for these which will help keep them in decent condition but postage for these is not kind right now with it being WAY more than the items themselves. Hopefully when things ease up that’ll change but in the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for more bargains for my old Atari systems. 🙂

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