The next generation (for me) starts with the games first

I was expecting today would be the first day I’d be playing games on a shiny fridge shaped console otherwise known as the Xbox Series X but a misunderstanding has meant my launch day pickup was not as successful as planned. As a result I’m now hoping I’ll be part of the post release recipients. It wasn’t totally unsuccessful as I was able to pick up an Xbox Series S but that’s not for me and certainly won’t be seeing daylight again until the end of December.

Tempting to open but not for me!

Despite missing out on the console there’s been a number of new games released that I’ve been able to enjoy on Xbox One. Tetris Effect Connected is one hell of a pretty game and I’m starting to understand why it had such a wow factor on other platforms. Even if I can’t play it on VR it’s still an impressive experience. Gears Tactics has been on PC for a while now but I held back for the Xbox version and I really like it. First impressions are it’s a kinder, prettier take on XCOM and that might make it a more palatable game for a lot of people as a result. Both of these have been very good distractions. 🙂

The next Call of Duty is only a couple of days away and for the first time in a decade I’m picked up a second game in a row. But Black Ops: Cold War was going to appeal to me thanks to being a direct follow up to the very first game and sticking with the cold war era shenanigans that mixed real life events and characters with the franchise’s usual spectacle. Developers of Warzone and Modern Warfare have already patched that game to better integrate with Cold War and it’s clear Warzone may become the connective tissue for these games for at least the next couple of years. Will find out soon enough.

Hopefully within the next few weeks we find all the new consoles start landing in the hands of eager gamers and the good thing is that regardless of what you choose there’ll be plenty of games to play, both old and new. I know I’ll have a few queued up ready to play…

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