Postcards from Cyberpunk 2077

I finally completed my first play through of Cyberpunk 2077 and it was everything I expected it to be. Perhaps the choices I made resulted in more losers than winners but it does give me incentive to take a different path in a subsequent playthrough. During my time playing it’s still impressed me with just how good the game looks. Characters sport detail that goes way beyond CD Projekt Red’s last RPG (The Witcher 3) which really helps in selling a world where cybernetic modifications are literally in your face. The environments pack a lot of detail too and it’s cool knowing that when looking out at Night City from way out into the desert that you can easily drive to it from there which is pretty incredible. So here are a small collection of screenshots which I accumulated that I thought helped show the world I got to play in.

Please note these are from the Xbox One version running on Series X so it doesn’t necessarily compare as well to PC but it’s still the best on console right now in terms of detail. However I’m looking forward to the enhanced version arriving which is when I’ll start my next run through the game. There’s times when I could already see where ray tracing could really elevating the visuals further and I’m looking forward to making some comparisons when the time comes. Anyways… Enjoy!

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  1. Finished my 1st play through on PC last weekend. Definitely gave me a lot to think about. Now that I’ve picked up a few tips I’m part way through a second character (this time on Xbox).

    I think this is a brilliant game, and with some more fixes it will be even better. Can’t wait for the DLC either, though I can imagine that might be a little while off yet.

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