Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – A tale of two… tales

With the latest update to Sea of Thieves bringing a collaboration with Disney and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise it’s pretty much cemented the game as the place to be for players wanting this style of pirating shenanigans. Though the update brings a lot of new features and content the real lure for both new and old players are the set of new Tall Tales (the game’s story based quests) spun from the movies and park attraction. So far I’ve only played through the first two as a crewman on the humble ship McNugget and while both are really impressive they do feel inconsistent too.

The Black Pearl’s current home.

Warning… Spoilers ahead!

The first tale (A Pirate’s Life) introduces players to the new world they’re about to inhabit and it totally succeeds in setting everything up thanks to a number of great locations and bucket loads of references to the source material. In this story you’re tasked with rescuing a certain Captain Jack Sparrow who has been captured by the Ferryman… Sea of Thieves own grim reaper who current players would be quite familiar with over the years – I certainly am after numerous deaths by exploding barrels. The rescue quickly goes sideways when the Ferryman’s ship comes under attack by Davy Jones which turns into a thrilling encounter and a great way to close out the story. This tall tale is a winner thanks to some inspired locations and end that teases you with enough to want to see more.

The second tale (The Sunken Pearl) involves the search for the Black Pearl, Jack’s beloved ship, and takes players in a very different direction… down into the ocean depths. With the oceans being mainly inaccessible this was a great way to introduce a new area and the path down was handled well with players following a trail of debris. This tale does a better job of introducing the new enemies as they do come out in large numbers for you to get a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. I did have a couple of issues though. The first was that the main puzzle element was reused a lot – having to alter the same statues from room to room got tiring quickly. The second was that our crew would often be split up after respawning… sometimes in locations that made it harder than it needed to be to rejoin the group. The bossfight was unique and looked great but there was little to indicate your progress – admittedly that was a similar issue in the previous tale but here it felt like it dragged on longer than needed.

I really do like my experience with this new addition to Sea of Thieves – the locations are easily the best I’ve seen and the new enemies are going to make skeletons the least of my problems. Even the ones with exploding barrels. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but on the bright side we’ve not had to worry about random crews intruding on our games (yet) which has made it less stressful and an enjoyable distraction. Our group of scurvy ridden scallywags have much more to do and there’s no doubts we’ll keep on pirating to find out what happens next to good old Captain Jack. 🙂

Sea of Thieves is out now for PC and Xbox.

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