Halo Infinite campaign trailer teases what’s to come

It’s been a long time waiting but after a successful run of multiplayer tests we finally get another look at the Halo Infinite campaign. And while not a lot of info is given away one thing is perfectly clear and that is there’s a whole lot of people gunning for the Master Chief in this new game.

Developer 343 Industries were smart to have the trailer kicking off with the classic Halo theme as it’s was a great way to start the hype train and throughout they teased a lot in terms of what the game will ultimately be. The open world environment and the player’s ability to strike when and where they want looks like it is pushing it into the direction of a Far Cry game or even Metal Gear Solid V. Halo has always provided those sandbox type of maps for combat but they were often limited by size or gated off so it will be interesting to see if this game will let you, for example, travel across the world to find that right gun/vehicle and then go back to use it and complete your mission.

I think by the end of seeing the trailer I could see that there was a concerted effort by the team to show that not only does it look way better than it did a year ago but that it could pull off a few tricks like the other shooters arriving at the end of the year were doing. One moment definitely was their take on a trick pulled off in the Battlefield 2042 trailer. Shows a lot of confidence in the game to reference another game launching around the same time as your own.

I can’t say much more than I’m looking forward to another round as the Master Chief. Let’s finish the fight… again! 🙂

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8 for PC and Xbox.

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