PAX.AU (2013) – Day 2 Impressions

PAXAU 2013 Entry Sign

Day 2 was a short one for me but started much the same as the first with a big event at the open (the Penny Arcade “Make a strip!” session).

The miserable weather wasn’t a deterrent to anyone but it was nice to see that some areas were given additional shelter as it was needed.

Missed out on sessions again… this time a Borderlands one with Gearbox Software. Some waited two hours to get in which didn’t work out for me at all as the PA session ended an hour after those people queued.

The Expo Hall continued to amaze me in seeing just how big a following League of Legends and World of Tanks have here. Both had the biggest stands on the show floor.

Nintendo also had a great stand and have been holding an Australian Pokemon tournament with battles showing on a big screen.

Had a chance to spend five minutes Saints Row IV “Australian Edition” which was closed off to under 18s. Initial impressions are that Saints Row the Third had an illegitimate child with Crackdown.

Enjoying the vibe still but wishing there were a few more dry seats and some way for me to sneak in a game with an Oculus Rift. đŸ˜‰

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