RetroGaming Roundup – For the love of the games

Desktop Space Invaders

For the last couple of years now I’ve been listening to the musings of three guys who have made retro gaming a big part of their lives and love to tell us all about it.

RetroGaming Roundup is a website dedicated to enthusiasts from around the world who also produce a monthly podcast that is quite simply the most epic thing you could download on iTunes.

With an average length of six hours per episode, the amount of content is staggering but if you are willing to listen to it even in parts it’ll go a long way to filling in your spare time.

Not only do they discuss games of the past, a fixture that is key to their monthly top ten lists but they also try to interview as many of the people who were integral to these games, going as far back as the classic Atari days.

From a historical sense alone, these interviews are worth their weight in gold. An interview with Ted Dabne (co-founder of Atari) from 2010 is essential listening for those wanting to learn about the industry’s formative years.

Other topic include restoration of old machines (including pinball), upcoming classic gaming events and items they’ve discovered via market and online sales. If there is any place that keeps the retro fires burning they will talk about it.

For anyone who has a soft spot for gaming in the old days, I can’t recommend this site enough and its podcast is a star on iTunes.

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