GestureWorks Gameplay – Touch Friendly

Gestureworks Gameplay

With Windows 8 (and later 8.1), PC’s were introduced to a world where touch screens became more integral to the PC experience than ever before. This has also lead to new hardware such as the Surface Pro creating new niches for these machines.

However, despite the potential for new innovations with touch controls, people tend to lose out with games that depended on the more traditional mechanisms.

That’s where GestureWorks Gameplay comes in. When used with DirectX games, it creates a customisable control layer over the game screen that works much like the virtual joysticks we’ve come to see with mobile games. That you can play Skyrim or World of Tanks on a touch screen indicates this is a little more capable than expected.

Though there is still work to be done in defining the control schemes, or downloading contributed ones, it is remarkable to see in action as it makes an old game seem like it was born for a touch screen. In the space of an hour I was able to create a perfectly serviceable interface for Legend of Grimrock.

Not everything is quite right yet though; games that use mouse control in combination with keyboard don’t always appreciate touch being mixed in and their effectiveness is diminished but hopefully these issues will be resolved over time.

Overall, if you are a Windows 8 tablet user, consider this a useful addition to your software collection as it might just breathe new life into your old games. Highly recommended.

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