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The Expendables 3 – are there any action stars left?

Following the trend set by its predecessor, The Expendables 3 ups the ante by bringing in more stars, more action and more silliness.

That it succeeds is more a testament to some of the talent than out is of the movie itself. The sheer volume of actors walking through scenes often raises the question whether this time around it has gone too far yet it is often rescued by those same actors.

Like the second film, It’s all about revenge again for Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) as an old adversary catches his team out and makes him question the validity of leading his aging team mates into further trouble. After sending them on their way into retirement he assembles a new, younger team of Expendables into a failed mission that leaves them all captured.

The new Expendables are given plenty of opportunity to show their stuff, especially Kellan Lutz and Rhonda Rousey but they still can’t hold steal a scene quite like their older contemporaries. Best of the lot has to be Antonio Banderas who hams up every opportunity. Wesley Snipes acquits himself well too but is little used later in the film.

Playing the bad guy is Mel Gibson; someone with his kind of talent doesn’t have to try too hard but makes the best of what he has to do. Throw in Kelsey Grammar, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford and you sometimes might wonder if you are watching more than one film at the same time. Unfortunately this is at the expense of the regulars which seems a waste as actors such as Dolph Lundgren have built up memorable characters.

The movie is broken up into three main sequences with the weakest of three being that involving the new team. Be prepared for some bone rattling though because the last sequence will shake you up some.

If you are a fan of the previous film you will feel at home here but you might start to wonder if in the midst of meeting fan expectations with cameos they may be losing a little of what made the second such a blast.

Score: 7/10

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