Halo MCC post update 1/12 – much changed, much still the same

After the volume of changes that went though with the last update, we were hoping to see some positives and have Halo multiplayer finally up and running on our Xbox Ones. Unfortunately we weren’t any of the lucky ones.

There have been some reports that the experience has improved for those who are able to get into matches but as of this time we haven’t been able to get that far. I worry that if this continues for too long there won’t be enough interested players to fill a room for a decent game.

More updates are on the way so we may see another come through within the week. That Call of Duty was able to overcome its own MP woes so quickly is a sure sign of how badly the situation must be for Halo if it can’t be resolved in a single patch.

I do know that if we are somehow able to set up a game in the future, much celebrations will be had.

FYI, there’s actually a review in progress for the game but until MP is going it’s only part of the story and it seems unfair to make any kind of recommendations until we can access 100% of the product. Unless I call it Halo the Half-a-review.

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