TLNS has a facelift, again

If you’ve read this far, you’ve likely noticed that things have changed here a bit.

The previous theme we were using (Zoren) went a long way towards presenting posts the way I had hoped but now with multiple contributors and an increase in content variety I felt there was a need to allow multiple posts to be featured more prominently and for longer periods of time.

For the curious, there were a couple of requirements in my choosing (featured posts, preview text of posts on the front page) but the most important one was that most posts would transfer over with little need for modification.

WordPress themes are pretty flexible in handling what users throw at them in posts but most are designed to use images of specific dimensions. After switching to Zoren (and seeing the impact of using smaller images), we started to standardize most screenshots (especially featured images) to 1080p which covers most scenarios even if some clipping is involved.

So, now we have the Chronicle theme which allows posts to be featured in a way that really shows off those big screenshots while working nicely with all screen sizes. There’s a little tweaking left to do but I hope it goes down well. 🙂

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