Category: Site updates

The 1000 posts… post!

Either this will actually be the 1000th post or close to it… I’ll know when when it’s done! 🙂 I’m rapt to reach that kind of milestone too. It’s taken almost six years to do it (the blog started back in 2012) but it feels great to do […]

TLNS now on Tumblr

A new addition today to our social media in the form of a Tumblr feed. Being new to Tumblr means we’ve got some catching up to do with content but I am hoping over time we will make up for it and hopefully attract some new followers. Feel free to […]

The State of De-Kitarakae

If you are missing my posts, all is well, life is just taking its turn. Writing reviews, opinion pieces and other little ditties will be resumed shortly and you will be flooded by my scribblings. At present I have just finished reading some fantastic books, playing games, watching […]

More Reviews To Come…

Well November was a great month for game releases. I haven’t had a chance (due to work and play) to write much lately but I’m just giving you avid readers a heads up that there will be more game reviews over the next few weeks. Coming up next will […]

TLNS has a facelift, again

If you’ve read this far, you’ve likely noticed that things have changed here a bit. The previous theme we were using (Zoren) went a long way towards presenting posts the way I had hoped but now with multiple contributors and an increase in content variety I felt there was […] is now live

Inspired by a post on Drakulus I’ve finally taken the long planned plunge on a domain registration for the blog. Now there’s additional contributors here it makes some sense to take steps in further formalizing “my little experiment” as well as gain some experience in areas I’ve had little involvement […]