The 1000 posts… post!

Either this will actually be the 1000th post or close to it… I’ll know when when it’s done! 🙂

I’m rapt to reach that kind of milestone too. It’s taken almost six years to do it (the blog started back in 2012) but it feels great to do so and I have to thank Grocs, Kit, Dark Elf and Psycosm who’ve all contributed over the years and helped bring their own perspectives to gaming, movies, etc in the process. That in turn has helped inspire me and allow this to be a positive outlet for writing.

Project CARS was a turning point with how some of our posts would be received.

During that time we’ve had a handful of posts that caught on. The below are the top ten based on views:

  1. Elite: Dangerous, this is the Xbox controller profile I was looking for! – the title likely helped it gain traction in search results but at the time I didn’t anyone comment much on the controller settings so made a brief post on the subject hoping it would help people in a similar situation. It’s kind of continued to trend over time for us which has been surprising.
  2. Making Money in The Crew: Wild Run – this was our second really big post. Grocs was a massive fan of The Crew and wanted to share his experiences to give fellow players an idea of what was needed to accrue (lol) enough credits to buy what you wanted in the game.
  3. Project CARS – Tweaking your Xbox One Controller Settings – this was the first one we had that exploded and it blew everything else away that were posting at the time. Grocs once again saw the value in sharing his experience with a driving game and it turned out a lot of other players needed the help. It literally accounted for a quarter of the traffic we had for that year which was an amazing moment and made us think a lot about what we’d post in the future.
  4. Elite Dangerous: Horizons – Mid Season Review – the Horizons update for Elite Dangerous was intended to last only a year before the next “season” would begin which was why I had posted this in June of 2016. However, Frontier Developments had other plans and Horizons would go on for another year before it was done. Despite that it still looks like it was helpful!
  5. Up to 4K resolution on a 1080p monitor; welcome to Nvidia’s DSR. – at the time that Nvidia announced this technology only Grocs was able to see the results for himself and he was pretty impressed with it. Interesting to think that three years later that a similar technique was being used on the Xbox One X.
  6. Thinking of playing Quantum Break offline? Better get another hard diskQuantum Break is an interesting game in how it tries to straddle between a game and a television show but with that came some extreme requirements. If you didn’t have decent Internet for streaming the video “episodes” you had the option of downloading them to your Xbox One – we put up some tips to let players now what to expect and how to handle it.
  7. Elite Dangerous MicroGuide #1 – Where to Start? – we’re by no means experts on Elite Dangerous but the game can be quite intimidating if you don’t know what to expect when you first jump in so we hoped to provide a little bit of guidance to get you headed in a positive direction.
  8. Elite Dangerous MicroGuide #2 – Making Money – this one was inspired by Grocs’ guide for doing the same in The Crew. Whether you’re on the road or in a space ship you still need to make a few dollars.
  9. Elite Dangerous Horizons expansion extending into 2017 – yes, more Elite and tied into the “mid-season” review at #4. It was possibly a case of this post being associated with the #4 that it got the traffic.
  10. Xbox One Elite Controller – Gold plated thumb sticks – this is still my favourite controller to use and it has held up well during that time. Having a certain E word in the title might have helped it here too…

I do enjoy my numerous Elite Dangerous screenshots.

As you can see, Elite Dangerous has turned out to be a popular post topic during this time. It resulted in me taking more screenshots than I may ever need to use too. I’ll take the blame for that but I do love the game! In the end though it was those posts that tried to offer a little help that appeared to make a difference and I think that’s something we can walk away from feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

All we can say now is thanks for reading… it is really appreciated. 🙂

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