Thinking of playing Quantum Break offline? Better get another hard disk [UPDATED]

With Remedy’s latest game Quantum Break a bit more than a week away from release, I jumped onto the Xbox One marketplace to see what the damage would be to my hard disk storage after I make my pre-order.

The game itself weighs in at just under 45 gigabytes but that’s only part of the story, literally. The video segments that make up a great deal of the game’s cinematics are not part of that package and appear to be streamed on demand as the player completes chapters.

However for those who may be wanting to play the game offline, the Xbox One Marketplace appears to offer an option to download the videos onto your console which takes up a colossal 75 gigabytes. It unfortunately doesn’t appear to allow owners to download that ahead of the game’s launch though so some may want to wait to get everything down before starting. And invest in another hard disk too if you’re relying on the console’s internal storage for your game downloads.

Quantum Break is coming really soon for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

[UPDATE 2016-03-30: The offline videos option became available once the game had downloaded. If you go to the Manage Game section the DLC will now be available to install under Add-ons.]

[UDPATE 2016-04-07: Now that Quantum Break is out, you can see that the video download option is available from within the game’s menu.]

[UPDATE 2016-04-08: I’ve yet to confirm it but it sounds like the PC (Windows 10) version only has the streaming video option. This could be due to current limitations to the Universal Windows Platform and DLC so for those who take the PC route with the game take note.]

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    • That part I’m not sure of yet, sorry. From what I’ve read the video cutscenes provide a different perspective and may not be necessary for keeping up with the game’s own story. So if you can’t watch them, you’ll still be able to make sense of what is happening in the game.


    • If the first episode’s video cutscene is any indication, what happens there involves characters in the periphery of the main story. It does reference actions you may take when playing the game but you character’s own story is not the main focus… more the event that leads to this additional story.


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